Tears & Laughter

Or, the hardest part of writing The Wanderer.

Graham and BC are such fun loving souls, at first blush, one might imagine writing their story would be easy peasy lemon squeezy. It wasn’t. Oh, how it wasn’t.

Their romance begins with loads of laughs. Their senses of humour truly shine through—or at least, I hope they do. They have a lot of fun together.

Real life creeps in on them in a way that surprises them (and surprised me, as well.)

You might call it—a plot twist.

This was the part I found the hardest to write.

Graham faces what feels to him like an insurmountable mountain.  BC struggles to support him along with the rest of their friends and family. And thus begins the part of the story that required a deft hand to get the delicate balance of emotion to humour right.

To avoid spoilers, I’ll only say that I drew from my own personal experiences (and those of friends) along with a lot of research to depict and at times painfully honest view of things.  Some chapters in The Wanderer were honestly quite painful to write. The ‘happily ever after’ might’ve been the only thing to keep me going.

To quote one of the early reviewers of the book:

Do I think this book is for everyone? Hell No! I mean did you miss the part where my bestie backed out of reading before even hitting half way? The Wanderer hits some hard truths of how cruel life can really be, but on the flip side of that, it shows that love is such a beautiful and patient thing that seriously will come out of nowhere, knock you flat on your arse and make you a better person than you ever thought you could be.”

~ Saucy Reviews on Kinky Korner

There’s a bit of magic in a story that makes you feel.

And I can only hope The Wanderer fills readers with joy and laughter in the midst of sorrow.

A bit like life really, isn’t it?