You know you’re getting older…

when you use your Hitachi massager to massage your back muscles–and not for something more fun.Friday I proved once and for all that cleaning is the devil’s work. lol. I bent over while vacuuming and pulled something in my lower back. Not brilliant. Not ideal. Worst timing ever. I certainly don’t want to hobble around the RT convention next week like an old woman.

Have you ever noticed how when you hurt yourself, everyone you know suddenly becomes a medical expert? It’s mostly sweet and well-meant, so I don’t mind.  There’s always that one person who gives you the most random suggestions that sound like they came from some bizarre old wives tale.

My weekend was spent in bed, which sounds far more fun than it was. I did manage to watch my way through a lot of the shows saved on my Netflix watch-list. Still, not where I wanted to be, I haven’t been able to write. Bad author.

How about you? How was your weekend? Better than mine I hope.