A Soul Full of Music.

I don’t know about other authors, but I can’t write without some sort of noise in the background. Usually, I listen to music.  Every novel I’ve ever written has a playlist associated with it.  Each one is unique to the main characters of that particular story, though often a few of my favourite songs sneak into the list.

The Caretaker, for example, ended up with a rather blues and jazz inspired playlist, which you can find on Spotify.  It has a few modern songs in it. I think the one that evokes everything about Freddie & Tens is probably Bonfire Heart by James Blunt, an odd choice given the other songs on the list.

It just–there’s something about the lyrics that caused me to listen to it on repeat for a significant portion of writing Freddie & Tens love story. It reminded me of Tens, I think, how this younger man comes into his life and does quite literally light the spark in his heart.