Yes, but no.

Does life ever smack you in the face with a reminder that you’re human and only capable of doing so much at once?


Me too.

When you’re an autistic adult, you learn quickly how to carefully choose how to spend each day. There’s a limited amount of energy I have. I can’t afford to waste it.

It can create a bit of a conundrum in my life. I tend to get obsessive in my desire to get everything done right this second.  It’s not always easy to balance that with the need to organise my time better.

I’m not brilliant at creating balance.

At. All.

Life bashed me over the head with a reminder of that this month. It’s not always possible for me to do what non-autistic authors can do. It’s just not and I should honestly stop trying.

It’s not as if I forget, either.

Sometimes it just nice to act as though I’m not different and things don’t require extra effort for me.