10 Things to Know About Hamish

(this has nothing to do with the post–but who cares lol)

As I wrote The Botanist, I knew the novel to follow it would be called The Baker. It would feature Scottie and Akash. I knew it.  Well, I was partially right. Somehow in the midst of writing Wyatt & Aled’s story, my plans went to hell.

Akash’s story would be next. Only a handsome Royal Marine, of one of Wyatt’s friends, decided to insert himself into the situation. In the end, book four of The Sin Bin turned into an entirely different novel than I intended.

It was better for it.

I thought I’d share a bit about the man who stomped all over my plans for book four.

  1. Hamish didn’t earn his nickname—the hamster. No one actually remembers who started it (probably Lily), but it stuck, much to his chagrin.
  2. His family has a century’s long tradition of military service.
  3. He has the names of all the service men and women lost under his command tattooed on his back.
  4. He makes excellent spaghetti.
  5. All of his friends consider him the most level-headed of their group.
  6. Pets aren’t his thing.
  7. The dating process is a waste of time to him. He’d rather be in a relationship or single.
  8. He loves The Rolling Stones.
  9. He should wear glasses to read, but refuses most of the time.
  10. With the deaths of his parents, Hamish is really the last member of his family left.

So there’s just a bit about The Royal Marine who sweeps Akash off his feet.

Which character of The Sin Bin would you like to learn more about?