Author Friends: Lindsay Detwiler

This week, I have author Lindsay Detwiler, another lovely Hot Tree Publishing author, in the hot seat.  Hope you enjoy.  And be sure to follow her on social media.

Are you a panster or a plotter?

A little of both. I usually outline my chapters very vaguely first, and then just see where the story takes me. When I get halfway through the book, I usually write the ending.

Do you believe in Writer’s Block? If so, how do you kick its arse?

I sometimes get writer’s block, and, when it happens, I usually know I just need a creative break. If I’m on a deadline, I’ll push through and just make myself keep writing. Sometimes I get it between projects. When that happens, I’ll take some time off and catch up on reading, which tends to help me creatively. I like to write when I’m feeling passionate because I think that translates into better writing.

What book is your comfort read on a bad day? The one you go back to reread over and over. 

I actually hate rereading books just because I always have so many different books I want to read. I love reading anything in the romance genre, though, and anything by Liane Moriarty, Jojo Moyes, or Nicholas Sparks. They’re my favorites.

 Describe your perfect writing space: 

My writing space isn’t so perfect… which is what I like. I write on my couch with my favorite blanket, some coffee, chocolate, and usually at least one cat.

 Do you write your title first or story first?

My title first! I always get it before I start writing page one.

 And lastly, write a one or two paragraph flash fiction inspired by the last photo or text you got on your phone:

Snow swirled, blurring and whirring about, as the dog stood on the weathered deck. His huge paws plodded across, his black nose dotted with the fluffy white symbol of winter. Cold oozed through the cracks of the deck, past his panting mouth, into every crevice untouched. The first signs of winter were emerging, and the brindle mastiff couldn’t be happier. Tongue attempting to scrape up every last snowflake in what he obviously deemed a possible task, he leapt gleefully off the frozen deck into the blanketed snow, turning back to see if his trustworthy human was following him.

I beckoned from inside the door, the bitter wind whipping my hair back and reminding me that the true, utter coldness was here, underscored by the darkness of the December night. Still, in the midst of what I deemed a frozen hell, Henry dashed through the yard, seeing no darkness or coldness—but only the potential for sheer elation.

Lindsay Detwiler is a contemporary romance author with Hot Tree Publishing, a high school English teacher, and a contributing blogger for The Huffington Post. She has eight sweet romances released. Her ninth work, All of You, releases January 27, 2018, and is currently available for preorder.

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