Author Friends: Jody Kaye

Are you a panster or a plotter?
I was a pantster. My last 2 (and next) releases all center around one specific event, so I’ve had to become plotter to make sure that a large group of characters are doing the right things at the right time.
Do you believe in Writer’s Block? If so, how do you kick its arse?
Nope. Sometimes I need to monotony of chores to think through things. If that doesn’t work I attack from a different angle; interviewing characters to see what they think would happen, writing a scene from when a character was growing up that affected them, pretending to be a fly on the wall while characters are discussing one another’s flaws, etc… Many times the content winds up being reusable, not only in the current story, but spurring ideas for others or blog posts and bonus scenes.
What book is your comfort read on a bad day? The one you go back to reread over and over.
It’s Lover Enshrined by the Warden. I probably shouldn’t admit this, but my copy is fraught with errors and it reminds me that even the greats are human.

Describe your perfect writing space:
Lots of sunshine! My office windows look out on greenspace and I love taking my iPad & keyboard out to the back porch and listening to the birds while writing.
Do you write your title first or story first?
Story. The titles generally wind up being whatever I’ve saved the draft document as. That’s why (so far) they’re all a single word or name.
And lastly, write a one or two paragraph flash fiction inspired by the last photo or text you got on your phone:

Bringing the tabby back to my apartment was close to the stupidest decision that I’ve made. The cat had snuggled into me in the alley, seeking affection. The camaraderie pulled at my lonely heartstrings, already taught and ready to break. Happily making itself at home, the ungrateful feline darted into a cave-like space of my bookcase, taking its claws to my dog-eared copy of Harry Potter. It shredded the dust jacket and stretched, knocking everything else down. When I tried to rearrange my mementos, the ungrateful houseguest sat itself on the open pages of my favorite book…and they started glowing.

Jody’s husband asked what she’d been doing all day. After five years she finally confessed, “When no one is around, I write.”

Okay, It was more like trying to get out of saying a thing. Jody’s a writer. You want it pretty. Let’s compromise.

“Just finish one,” he said, challenging her to complete a story and share it. Little did he know that those words of encouragement meant they’d return from a family vacation with a wild and defiant set of quintuplets stumbling their way into adulthood. Wasn’t raising their three sons enough?

A native of nowhere, Jody settled in New England for 17 years before agreeing to uproot her brood of boys and move to North Carolina. She spends most of her time reading, writing, and hoping that her ravenous children haven’t managed to eat all the ingredients before she cooks dinner.