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A handsome deputy who’s not looking to settle down.
A mysterious woman who’s on the run.

When Deputy Henri Gunther realizes there’s so much more to waitress Jenna Trippleton, his simple small-town life explodes right open. With her safety and freedom at stake, Jenna must decide whether she can put her trust in the one man who’s promised to protect her.


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Meet the Character: Jenna Trippleton from A Whole New Life by Sheri Velarde

Hi, my name is Jenna Trippleton. Well, that’s not real name but that’s all that you are going to get out of me. When I left my old life behind, men and love were the last thing on my mind. I wanted a small town life, no excitement, no commitment, no one getting too close to me. Of course I had no idea about the town hunk of Pella back then, the one and only Deputy Henri Gunther. Sure I knew he was hot the first time that I laid eyes on him. Everyone can see that. I tried my hardest to resist his charm, but damn that man can be persistent. Soon I saw past those blue eyes and dimples, soon I saw the perfectly imperfect man behind the façade that he showed the world. What’s worse is he broke down my own walls and defenses, leaving me vulnerable. I should have ran right then and there, but can you really run for love if it comes knocking?

I guess that you can say the story of how Henri and I fell in love is quite thrilling, full of ups and downs and probably a bit more intrigue than the usual romance. Want to read more about it? It was chronicled in A Whole New Life by Sheri Velarde.


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