Author Interview: Julia Wolf

Are you a panster or a plotter?

Pantser with a little loose plotting mixed in. I have scenes I know I want to include, but I’m never sure how I’m going to get there until I’ve written it!
Do you believe in Writer’s Block? If so, how do you kick its arse?
I do. I haven’t had it completely, but I have felt uninspired to write. I kick its arse by writing anyway. Even if it sucks, I write. And I read! My favorite authors always seem to get my own ideas churning.
What book is your comfort read on a bad day? The one you go back to reread over and over. 
I’ve read Wallbanger by Alice Clayton more times than I can count. It hits all the right notes with me. Slow burn, funny, romantic, steamy. And the cat! I love Clive forever.
Describe your perfect writing space: 
Outside, in my backyard, on a sunny, cool day. The only sounds are the birds chirping and maybe someone mowing their lawn in the distance. If the weather is just right, I could sit outside and write all day.
Do you write your title first or story first?
I start the story first, and usually an element of the story inspires the title. 
And lastly, write a one or two paragraph flash fiction inspired by the last photo or text you got on your phone:
“We will leave in about 5,” my new neighbor, Jason said right before he disappeared behind his door.
What did he mean? Where were we going? Was I a part of the ‘we’?
I stood there, on the landing outside my apartment, stupefied.
We’d just had a meet cute, both reaching for the door handle to the building at the same time. Our eyes met, he smiled, and my heart went pitter fucking patter. On the walk up the three flights of stairs to our floor, I’d learned Jason had moved in over the weekend, worked as a computer programmer in Baltimore, and liked Indian food, like me. I’d told him the best spot nearby for Butter chicken, and he’d seemed intrigued. That was right before he left me standing there.
I fished my key out and slid it into the lock, when Jason’s door opened again and he stepped out. “Ready?”
I must have looked confused because he added, “For dinner?”
He smiled and my heart did that crazy thing in my chest again.
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