Book Review: At War With A Broken Heart

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I’ve never read a MMM romance, but chose to review AT WAR WITH A BROKEN HEART because I love Dahlia Donovan’s writing. Dahlia creates heartfelt stories that stay alive in your soul well after you read the final word. No one is perfect and that makes it this story all the richer as it opened my eyes to our imperfect world. Fie, Sid, and Davet’s unique lives compelled me to read this straight through. I could’ve read about them well past how this story ended.

There is an abundance of emotion I felt with that lived in this story and the characters. With anguish, love, loss, lust, and much more, it didn’t slow down or overwhelm the story but brought that bring the men together building a strong friendship. The uniqueness of the men helped the others survive and break down walls to live better than the life they’d felt dealt them. It all made my heart warm. This is a book you shouldn’t pass by. Dahlia Donovan is an author to keep on the top of your favorites list.

5 Stars from Sheila Kell