Book Review: At War With A Broken Heart

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“Dahlia Donovan managed to do what very few authors who’ve written stories centering on throuples have been able to do: she made me believe. Fie, Sid, and Davet seemed to have very little in common amongst themselves, but they honestly just fit together like the perfect pieces to a puzzle no one else has ever been able to figure out. I was rather teary-eyed at a couple of points in the story but there were also moments that I found myself grinning like an idiot.

Again, I have Donovan’s unique brand of creativity, quirkiness, and originality to thank for yet another unforgettable reading experience. There was no hesitation on my part when it came to becoming emotionally invested in each of these men as individuals and then later on as a throuple. There’s some drama brought on by complicated and burdensome family ties on Sid’s and Davet’s end, but Fie’s family reminds us that there are families that love their children and siblings and relatives without question. I’m giving bonus points to the animals in the story because, just like the humans, they were simply special. Five-plus stars for At War with a Broken Heart. ♥”

5 Stars from Jen at Dog-Eared Daydreams