Don’t Lick The Rocks

Or, five things Eddie and Woody shouldn’t have done while travelling the world.


In Pure Dumb Luck, Eddie and Woody go on a long adventure. I thought I’d share some fun things they only slightly regret having done.

  1. Lick rocks…or each other after a long hike through a rocky mountain. Level of regret? 5%.
  2. Sex in a frozen lake. Level of regret? 15%, mostly from Eddie who came close to frostbite in places one should never have frostbite.
  3. Trying Muktuk in Alaska. Level of regret? 45%.
  4. Eating fried insects. Level of regret? 75%, Woody swears he keeps pulling legs out of his teeth
  5. Sex on the forest floor. Level of regret? 2%, despite finding grass and dirt in uncomfortable places for days.

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?