Motts Daily Routine.


In Poisoned Primrose, Motts has a fairly set routine for her day. I thought it would be fun to share with you.  She’s does occasionally deviate from her routines but not frequently.

It’s usually friends or family who force a change.


  • Splash face with water
  • Walk Cactus (her cat)
  • Feed both her cat and her turtle
  • Breakfast (usually tea + toast)
  • Check email


  • Make + deliver/ship flowers
  • Lunch: Fish + Chips most days or a sandwich at her friends bakery
  • Another walk in the garden with Cactus


  • Relax watching YouTube vids (she doesn’t watch TV/movies)
  • Dinner: omelette + cheddar toast
  • Sitting by the fire, snuggled up with Cactus