Guest Post – Not So Bleak Winter

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Some Christmas surprises change everything.

Getting ready for a quiet Christmas as the vet on call, Rick got the surprise of a lifetime when a gorgeous woman appeared in his office with a bleeding deer in her arms. Not only is he able to learn about a world that he never knew existed, but maybe he is about to experience a Christmas miracle of his very own.


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With only five minutes until closing, he was in back cleaning when he heard the bell on the door ring. A frantic feminine voice called out, “Is someone here? I need help! Help!”

Rushing out, Rick saw the woman cradling a small deer in her arms as she sat on the floor. In just a few moments, a pool of blood had already formed and started to spread on the stark white tiles. For a moment, he wondered at how such a small woman could have carried a deer inside without help, but then he figured panic could cause endorphins to kick in. “What has happened? Was it hit by a car?” Rick knelt down to examine the animal.

“No, she was shot. Some bastard shot her, even though it’s way past hunting season. Plus, she was on my land to begin with,” the woman said, tears streaming down her face even as anger entered her voice.

Changing his approach to search for a gunshot, Rick got the shock of a lifetime when the deer seemed to yell, “Ouch!”

He had touched the wound and was checking for an exit wound when he stopped shocked. Then he shook his head; he must be hearing things. Getting back to work, he gently felt beneath the poor animal, and there he found the exit hole. “The bullet passed through. That’s good news. If I can get the bleeding stopped, then I can stitch her up, and she should be fine. I need to get her back to the operating room. I can handle it from here.” He picked the deer up and stood.

“I’m staying while you operate. I need to know that she will be fine,” the woman said, also standing and moving with him. “Besides, are you alone here? I can help. Just tell me what to do, and I will assist you as best I can.”

“Do you have any sort of medical training?” Rick started to argue, but then the deer in his arms turned its head towards him, and he almost dropped her. “What the hell?” he asked. The deer stared back at him with human eyes and a pained expression on an almost human face, but with the face of a deer mixed with it. “What kind of creature is this?” Despite his shock and confusion, he automatically kept walking towards the operating room. Whatever he held in his arms, he had to help the poor thing.

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