Review: Real World Homecoming

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I’m old enough to remember the first season of the Real World. I enjoyed the first three or four seasons but felt it devolved a bit around the fifth or sixth, maybe? Somewhere around there.

When they announced a reunion for the first season, I was intrigued. Would it be as good as I remembered? How would the cast have changed?

This felt like a microcosm of being a nostalgic adult, who was a teen in the 90s.

Not sure if that makes sense.

It was nostalgic yet somehow the show and the people had progressed. Conversations had changed yet remained the same somehow. (And some people had definitely not changed much at all.)

It was interesting to see them all grown up, having in-depth conversations about the world and how they changed it. Growing up in the house of fundie missionaries, the Real World was one of the first places I saw open conversations about race and sexuality. (Don’t take a shot every time I write the word conversation.)

On nostalgia alone, I’d give the six episode (was it six?) series five stars.

And also for not shying away from difficult conversations.