An Introduction to Wayne

Blue Illustrated Snowflake Winter Photo Collage

We meet Wayne Dankworth in book one of the London Podcast series. He’s the solicitor friend of Osian and Dannel who happens to have a crush on Dannel’s younger brother.  He pops up in book two as well. But in book three, he is front and centre.

So here are a few things about him.

  1. He’s a solicitor.
  2. A snappy dresser.
  3. Completely and totally in love with Roland.
  4. Sings karaoke very badly.
  5. Lives to argue.
  6. Loves throwing parties.
  7. Forever giving his friends rides because none of them own a vehicle.
  8. Not a cat or a dog person
  9. Prefers beer to wine.
  10. Constantly worrying about Dannel and Osian.