What’s above my desk? Part 2.

So, I have a corkboard or bulletin board, or whatever you want to call it, above my desk. I use it for inspiration and a visual board for whatever book I’m working on. I thought I’d share what’s on the current one since it’s been a while since I’ve done so.

  1. The top half is inspiration for my new cosy mystery series that I’m working on.
  2. A few spring-themed postcards to brighten up my little office space. I had some winter ones but needed something lighter and brighter.
  3. A hand-painted card from a good friend along with a little note from another friend. Just something to make me smile and not feel alone on rough days.
  4. Favourite writing quotes that are always on the board. I find the Neil Gaiman quote particularly inspiring on rough writing days.
  5. The plague doctor on the right has two new friends – Benson and Stabler from SVU.