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Just a few answers to some frequently asked questions.

Why do you use ‘autistic’ as opposed to ‘person with autism’?

I (and many other autistics I know) are not fond of the terminology of ‘person with autism’. A greater explanation can be found here: http://autismmythbusters.com/general-public/autistic-vs-people-with-autism/

If you’re American, why are all your novels based in England? 

I lived in England for the first seven years of my life. My adoptive mother is British-raised from the age of around three until she hit her thirties. I’ve always felt a product of both halves of my family as a result. It felt natural to write about the place I grew up.

Why do you use British spelling?

My mother can also be blamed for this one. I was home-schooled from the age of four until I turned eighteen. My mother taught me, as she was raised in Oxford and studied in English schools, I learned as she had.

Where can I learn more about the British terms in your books?

You can find a great ‘slang’ translation page here.

Where can I learn more about what inspires your books?

Pinterest. I have a storyboard for each of my novels there.

Are you writing more books?

Short answer? Yes.

Long Answer? Yes.

Do you have a publisher?

I indie published the Blackbird series. The rest of my novels, novellas, and short stories since have been published by the wonderful folks at Hot Tree Publishing.

Do you have a newsletter?

Yes, you can subscribe here:  http://eepurl.com/Q0n0X

Questions about my Cosy Mystery Series:

What Cosy series do you have?

The Grasmere Trilogy

Motts’s Cold Case Mystery Series

The London Podcast Mystery Series

The Grasmere Trilogy:

This was a three-part novella story, all interconnected and not standalone.

Motts’s Cold Case:

The Motts’s Cold Case series will be an ongoing series featuring full-length standalone novels. Though it’s early days, I plan on at least five novels.

The London Podcast:

This will also be an ongoing series featuring full-length standalone novels. Though it’s early days, I plan on at least three novels.

Where can I learn more about the Cozy Series?


London Podcast

Questions about The Sin Bin Books:

How many books are there in The Sin Bin?

Seven in total, not counting After the Scrum or Forged in Flood.

While After the Scrum and Forged in Flood aren’t directly attached to The Sin Bin, it features several characters that appear in the series.

Book 1 – The Wanderer, Book 2 – The Caretaker, Book 3 – Short Story – The Botanist, Book 4 – The Royal MarineBook 5 – Short Story – The Unexpected Santa, Book 6 – The Lion Tamer, Book 7 – Short Story – Haka Ever After.

Why Rugby?

I’ll quote Francis in After the Scrum“Sweaty and muddy men in tight shirts and shorts grappling with each other?” 

Will you write more Sin Bin Books?

No, probably not. If I ever come back to them, it’ll likely be to either write Zed/Silus’s story or a fun short story along the lines of Haka Ever After.

Questions about the Blackbird Series:

How many books are there going to be in Blackbird series?

The Blackbird series is complete.  It can be read in its entirety in the Blackbird Anthology.  The books are in order: Ivy, Masquerade, Natasha, Twelve Days, Alicia, Lorcan.

The Misguided Confession is loosely connected to the series.

Where can I learn more about the pack?

I wrote a blog post about it here.

The serious subject of Trafficking is brought up in both Ivy and Natasha, where can I learn more to help victims?

There are a number of charity organisations around the world that offer help.  Here are a few to consider: