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Just a few answers to some frequently asked questions.

Why do you use ‘autistic’ as opposed to ‘person with autism’?

I (and many other autistics I know) are not fond of the terminology of ‘person with autism’. A greater explanation can be found here: http://autismmythbusters.com/general-public/autistic-vs-people-with-autism/

If you’re American, why are all your novels based in England? 

I lived in England for the first seven years of my life. My mother is British-raised from the age of around three until she hit her thirties. Her father was British, mother Canadian, I believe. I’ve always felt a product of both halves of my family as a result. It felt more natural to write about the place I grew up.

Why do you use British spelling?

My mother can also be blamed for this one. I was home-schooled from the age of four until I turned eighteen. My mother taught me, as she was raised in Oxford and studied in English schools, I learned as she had.

I can promise you it made things very difficult when I turned in my test papers and received spelling errors for things that in England were spelt correctly.

Where can I learn more about what inspires your books?

Pinterest. I have a storyboard for each of my novels there.

Are you writing more books?

Short answer? Yes.

Long Answer? While, I likely won’t be writing any more paranormal romances for a while. I am currently working on an mm romance series titled – The Sin Bin. Book 1 is due out in April, with Book 2 to follow in July.

Do you have a publisher?

I indie published the Blackbird series. The rest of my novels, novellas, and short stories since have been published by the wonderful folks at Hot Tree Publishing.

Do you have a newsletter?

Yes, you can subscribe here:  http://eepurl.com/Q0n0X

Why Rugby?

I’ll quote Francis in After the Scrum“Sweaty and muddy men in tight shirts and shorts grappling with each other?” 

Questions about the Cornwall Books:

Why Cornwall?

It’s lovely. Something about the villages and the coastline inspire me greatly. You only have to look at my website banner to see why.

How many books will be based in Cornwall?

I have plans to write a series of books based on Cornwall and the characters that I introduced in both After the Scrum and All Lathered Up.

The Wanderer, The Caretaker, The Royal Marine, and the rest of The Sin Bin series will all be centred in and around Cornwall & Cardiff in Wales.

How many books will there be in The Sin Bin?

At least four novels, one novella, and a short story or two, this will be an ongoing series with each novel featuring a different couple. At this point, I do not have a final number. The current reading order is:

While After the Scrum isn’t directly attached to The Sin Bin, it features several characters that appear in the series. It isn’t necessary to read it first, but it might be of interest since it has the first appearance of Graham Hodson, who is one of the main characters in The Wanderer.

Book 1 – The Wanderer, Book 2 – The Caretaker, Short Story – The Botanist, Book 3 – The Royal Marine.

Questions about the Blackbird Series:

Will there be any more Blackbird series novels?

As of this moment, no. The Misguided Confession is loosely connected to the series, but aside from it, I have no intentions, as things stand now, to return to Ivy’s world.

How many books are there going to be in Blackbird series?

The Blackbird series is complete.  It can be read in its entirety in the Blackbird Anthology.  The books are in order: Ivy, Masquerade, Natasha, Twelve Days, Alicia, Lorcan

Are the books all inter-connected?

Short answer? Yes.  Long answer? The majority of all of the main books and short stories are all inter-connected.  Each main book focuses on an individual couple, but the rest of the pack will definitely show up.  The members of the Blackbird pack are very close.

Where can I learn more about the pack?

I wrote a blog post about it here.

Why are some of the words spelt differently?

Ivy was written in English(UK) not English(US) so some of the spelling is different, as are some of the terms used.

Git for example, Ivy’s favourite word.

You can find a great ‘slang’ translation page here.


What is the Blackbird Security Firm?

You can learn more about the firm and pack here.

The serious subject of Trafficking is brought up in both Ivy and Natasha, where can I learn more to help victims?

There are a number of charity organisations around the world that offer help.  Here’s a few to consider: