Book Review: Crown Court Killer

crown court killer_frontcover300“These two just warm your heart and are so so fun. They stumble into things and find their way to the truth in such an unorthodox fashion that warms your heart. The story has you guessing along with them as they find things out and just keeps you in the moment.”

~ Five stars, BooksAreLove on Amazon

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This is not even close to the hardest part of your day.

Except it had definitely become the most difficult daily event. Woody had never considered himself a coward, yet every single morning, he walked into the gas station to see his best friend, the person he’d been in love with for years, and said nothing beyond small talk.

He never told the truth of the ache in his heart growing too painful to ignore. He couldn’t. What if Eddie rejected him?

“Your usual?”

Woody grinned at Eddie, who ran the family-owned gas station in their little country town nestled in the middle of a national forest in the southern Appalachian Mountains. “You know me. Boring as shit. I’m consistent, at least.”

“One large coffee, one pack of powdered donuts, and three lottery tickets. Two for you, one for me.” Eddie rolled his dark brown eyes and held out a large hand for the card Woody held out to him. “You never change, dude. You’ve been doing this for twenty years—since high school. I know Coach said you were full of dumb luck, but I don’t think he meant with the Mega Millions.”

“Have a little faith, Eddie.” He grabbed both his breakfast and the lottery tickets, winking at his oldest friend, who hadn’t changed much in the thirty years since they’d known each other. Still as fucking hot as the day I first saw him in the shower at the gym. His warm brown skin had glistened under the shower. Maybe stop thinking about Eddie naked in the middle of the gas station. “We still on for fishing this weekend?”

“Unless you get lucky with your numbers. If you do, we’ll go fishing on a yacht instead of your granddaddy’s rickety old boat.” He tapped a finger against the ticket stub in Woody’s hand. “Go on. Get your ass out of here. You’re ruining the atmosphere. Plus, I like watching you leave.”

Book Review: Crown Court Killer

crown court killer_frontcover300One thing I love about this series, and this book for sure, is the clever writing. It makes me laugh and smile so much and I almost never solve the mystery. Like all the books in this series, I get so engaged I read in one sitting. A great book to take with you to the beach and enjoy.

~ 5 Stars – Vols77 on Amazon

Book Review: Crown Court Killer

crown court killer_frontcover300This is cosy mystery writing at its cosy best, I honestly feel like I am popping on my comfy slippers and settling back for the best relaxation when reading one of this author’s books.

~ 4.5 Stars – Robyn C., SRoKK

Book Review: Crown Court Killer

crown court killer_frontcover300“Not sure why this series by Dahlia Donovan entertains me so much, maybe the likable characters, the excellent writing and the cozy mysteries, but I am here for however many more the author is willing to write.”

~ SNik MM Romance Reviews – 5 Stars

The Biggest Mistake I Made…

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…when I started writing.

I thought it might be fun to think back over the past six or seven years of my writing career and think about the mistakes I made, especially at the beginning. No one is perfect.

Everyone screws up in one way or another.

I’m no different.

When it comes to writing itself, my biggest mistake, in the beginning, was trying to be a non-autistic author. And by that I mean, I read lots of advice in blogs, books, and online. All of it was geared towards neurotypicals (as is most self-help.)

Much of that advice is great–unless you’re autistic or neurodivergent.

And the mistake I made was trying to make myself fit into that mold. A mold I was never going to be able to fit into. Setting goals and tasks for myself that I was never going to be able to complete.

It led to burn out. Disappointment. And put me into a bad place mentally for a while.

I had to fight my way back to enjoying writing.

The biggest lesson I learned was finding what works for me.

Finding it and accepting that what works for a non-autistic author will likely not work for me. And that’s okay. It’s okay to need a little extra help from my publisher. It’s okay to not be able to do ‘all the must do things to be a successful author.’

It’s okay to just be me.

And to just do what works for me.

5 Things Osian & Dannel Shouldn’t Have Done


  1. According to detective inspector Haider Khan? Intrdue on his crime scene.
  2. Walk straight into danger.
  3. Attempt to question a murderer (see #1 + 2)
  4. Underestimate the power of lust and love.
  5. Eaten an entire pizza at three in the morning.