Paranormal Love Wednesdays.


This week I’m taking part in Paranormal Love Wednesdays, a blog hop where paranormal authors share snippets from their stories.  Be sure to follow up the hop: Here

I thought I’d share something from Alicia:

“Such a naughty, teasing kitten.” Josh resisted the temptation to allow his hands to drift from her hips to grip her arse firmly.  He sensed Alicia wasn’t quite ready for anything other than a little lark to lift the oppressive sadness which lingered under the surface. “Going to play tour guide for me since the others have swanned off to entertain the whinging bint?”

   “Sure.” Alicia eased into a pair of heels no one should’ve been able to walk in and smirked over at him. “Done looking at my arse?”

   “Not a bloody chance.” Josh trailed behind her, making sure the balcony doors were locked and the cameras working before securing the front door to the suite. “You can never get enough of a beautiful piece of art.”

   “Art?” Alicia’s laugh was like a sweet melody which resonated deeply in his soul and his groin.  Her gaze flitted down his front to the bulge in his trousers. “Honestly? How do you men walk around with it swinging out of control?”

   “Who says it’s out of control?” Josh guided her down the stairs toward the lobby.

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Review: Alicia

09645-alicia-dahlia-donovan-goodreads-webready-cover2b1“Dahlia knows how to keep a reader engaged in a book. I enjoyed the banter that went on between Josh and the other pack members or the conversations between Josh and Alicia. There was never a dull moment where you felt bored in this book. There was plenty of action and trying to figure out who was behind the attacks. There was also a great deal of passion between Alicia and Josh. These two were definitely made for each other. ” ~ Lindsey for MNP.



Reviews: Alicia


Five Stars from the ladies at Sassy n Sweet Book-a-Holics:

“Exciting adventure with plenty of mystery and edge of your seat action. Murder, intrigue, hit and runs, lies and manipulations along with threats and intimidation’s. Meshed in with this drama is the story of Alicia and her strong attachment to Josh, a panther shifter. Although the beginning was a little slow, the pace soon picked up and the thriller train took off. The reader is entertained and firmly hooked to continue the series. ” ~ Dee

“It is very fast paced and you don’t even realize how far you’ve read. It was a very smooth and suspenseful read. The story of Alicia and Josh will grab you and won’t let go.” ~Amanda

“The story keeps you hook from the first page to the end. Can’t wait to see what’s with the other members of Blackbird pack.” ~ Virginia


Reviews: Alicia

ALICIA-DAHLIA-DONOVAN-GOODREADS-WEBREADY-COVER This story is full of action as they have to move from one location to another. The rest of the pack are there for support (and lots of teasing and taunts). Another cracker from Dahlia to draw you in and make you laugh. The Blackbird Pack series just goes from strength to strength! ” ~ Melissa at Archaeolibrarian, 4 out of 5 stars

Oh I do love this pack and its people! I really do.

We have met Alicia and Josh before, Alicia even know Josh has an alter ego. She met him in Twelve Days. Dahlia does not disappoint, in this book 5 in the series. It helps to have read the other books in the series, but not really necessary. It helps to understand what the pack has been through in the last 18 months. It helps to know who is being talked about, even though they don’t appear in the book. It also helps for you to understand Dahlia’s sense of humour. Cos this is FULL of that humour, delivered in a way only Dahlia knows how.

Lots of kitty jokes, lots of jokes about bunnies in a stew pot, and lots of jokes about possesive, protective alpha males, or gits, as they are commonly called!“ ~ Debbie at Archaeolibrarian, 4 out of 5 stars

Deleted Scene: Family Bonding

09645-alicia-dahlia-donovan-goodreads-webready-cover2b1There are a number of scenes between Alim Kader and his niece Alicia Lowe.  I always met to expand on a particular scene, but it didn’t work with the story, so I thought I’d share the brief conversation they had about Elaine:

“You do have a plan for your delightful shifter, Uncle, right?” Alicia lounged against the edge of the massive leather arm chair Alim was attempting to relax in with tea and a paper.  She nudged his arm with her elbow when he ignored her.  “You might have to be a tad devious.”

“I am not devious nor do I plot.”  Alim turned tired eyes toward her.  “Don’t you have a shifter of your own to harass?”

“Uncle Alim.”


Her eyes sparkled with amusement as he shoved her off the arm of his chair. “Are you going to stop being so pedantically slow and ask her out then?”

“I don’t believe my relationship or lack there of is any of your business.” Alim blinked at her when she flicked a small piece of scone at him. “You have your own flat to throw food around in, Allie.”

“Yes, but it doesn’t come equipped with a butler to clean it up.”

Be sure to check out their whole story on Amazon!

Review: Alicia

ALICIA-DAHLIA-DONOVAN-GOODREADS-WEBREADY-COVER“After being teased with Alicia and Josh’s story in ‘Twelve Days’, I eagerly delved into their full story and it didn’t disappoint. An action packed read as the chase takes Alicia and Josh to Morroco, Scotland and London as they face danger on all sides. It is emotionally poignant as Alicia comes to terms with her mother’s deteriorating illness and extreme change in behaviour towards her. We see Alicia feelings of shock and uncertainty from discovering Josh’s shifter secret. While Josh has never been more sure of anything in his life: Alicia is his mate.

I loved how their relationship evolved and grew despite the danger they found themselves facing. The interplay and verbal sparring between the two of them makes this a highly enjoyable read. Dahlia Donovan once again hooked with her characters, the lots of action and the hot romance.”  ~ Lisa, LBM Book Blog

The Footie Bet


Josh and Darren grew up in Manchester, the city which is home to a rather big football (soccer) rivalry between Manchester City & Manchester United.  The two shifters root for rival teams.  They enjoy betting against each other, and not always with monetary winnings.  There was a Manchester derby recently and this was the result. 

“A kilt with nothing underneath?” Darren repeated for the third time the words his good friend and packmate, Josh, had just uttered. “A kilt?”

“Your team loses, as they do, you wear a kilt with sod all on underneath.”  Josh hadn’t been interested in the normal hundred quid bet on the upcoming derby. “For the rest of the week.”

“Why the bloody hell would you torture me with that mental image?” Elaine shuddered dramatically then started down the hall toward the tech den she called a home.  She paused outside of Steve’s office. “Oi, bossman, I’m taking next week off if the barmy fox is flashing his legs.”

“If that’s all it takes, I’ll come in starkers tomorrow.”  Darren joked before darting out of the way as a pissed off cougar tore after him. “Watch the manly bits, bloody hell, you…”

Enough!” Steve’s frustrated snarl caused everyone to freeze in place.  Elaine, in cougar form, paused with her sharp teeth at Darren’s throat. “Change back, Elaine, please?”

She shifted back and hopped off Darren to her feet. “Sorry, boss.”



“Can I go one bloody day without feeling like I’m taking care of a bunch of ten year old kids?” Steve shot a quelling look at Darren when he started to comment. “If you bloody wear a kilt to work, there better be something on underneath it, I don’t care if it’s pink knickers.”

“Kinky, boss, very kinky.” Josh dodged the smack to the head Steve sent his way.

“Get to work.”