Book Review: Crown Court Killer

crown court killer_frontcover300Dannel and Osian have a beautiful relationship, and it almost doesn’t matter what they’re doing— planning a wedding while suffering through dealing with overly enthusiastic family members, making a true crime podcast, having dinner, solving a murder— it’s still enjoyable just to watch them interact. Their story here could stand alone, but it’s definitely worth reading the previous books (more time spent with these characters would be reason enough) as well. I love how well they fit together and how they care for and about each other, and I also love (most) of the web of supporting characters who move through their lives. This is a cozy mystery where the focus is on the characters and the chance to see them go about their lives, and somehow solve crimes along the way, and I’m absolutely here for it— I hope these guys have many more adventures to come as well.

~ Four stars, Coffee on Amazon

Book Review: Crown Court Killer

crown court killer_frontcover300“I love this series. Dannel and Osian have a wonderful relationship and I enjoy their interactions with friends and family too. The mystery, as with others in the series, has several twists and turns, and isn’t easily solved. “

~ Five Stars, Anne Barwell

Book Review: Crown Court Killer

crown court killer_frontcover300Dannel and Osian continue to be the perfect couple for this series of cozy m/m mysteries. Here, their friend Wayne is accused of murder and the more they investigate, the clearer it becomes that there are powerful forces who do not want the truth to come out. The mystery is nicely offset by the wedding these two are trying to plan despite meddling from their families and it’s lovely to see an established couple investigating together. Long may this series continue.

~ Five stars, Susie Umphers on Amazon

An Introduction to Dempsey


We meet Wayne Dankworth in book two of Motts’s series. He’s a ‘fancy London detective’ who works cold cases and has been looking into her childhood friend’s murder. He develops a soft spot for Motts. We see a lot more of him in Purloined Poinsettia.

So here are a few things about him.

  1. A definitely silver fox.
  2. He was very loosely inspired, at least visually, by the character Deacon on SWAT.
  3. Enjoys solving cold cases.
  4. A cat person.
  5. Cares greatly about the detectives under his command.
  6. Has a soft spot for Motts (and went out of his way to educate himself about autism and neurodivergence.)
  7. Highly educated.
  8. Enjoys a good sandwich.
  9. Finds the ocean peaceful.
  10. Relaxes by looking into historical cold cases.

Book Review: Crown Court Killer

crown court killer_frontcover300I love this series. Dahlia is excellent at creating world and characters that you can’t help but fall in love with. I can’t recommend Dahlia’s books enough. She is a must-read author for me.

~ Five stars, Steamy Book Momma on Amazon

Book Review: Crown Court Killer

crown court killer_frontcover300“These two just warm your heart and are so so fun. They stumble into things and find their way to the truth in such an unorthodox fashion that warms your heart. The story has you guessing along with them as they find things out and just keeps you in the moment.”

~ Five stars, BooksAreLove on Amazon

Book Review: Crown Court Killer

crown court killer_frontcover300One thing I love about this series, and this book for sure, is the clever writing. It makes me laugh and smile so much and I almost never solve the mystery. Like all the books in this series, I get so engaged I read in one sitting. A great book to take with you to the beach and enjoy.

~ 5 Stars – Vols77 on Amazon