Book Review: At War With A Broken Heart

AWWABH- 600x400Cover

I loved everything about it. I especially loved it didn’t turn romantic until ½ way through.
I loved there were so many facets. Autism drew me in, the difference facets facinated me.

5 Stars, AZEskimoQueen, Amazon Customer

Book Review: The Misguided Confession

The Misguided ConfessionCover600I loved Elaine’s relationship with her mate. It was beautifully written and I was able to see feel her struggles with all her relationships in her life. Her love for her mate was able to overcome some of these obstacles. He was an amazing man, patient and kind, taking his time with Elaine and giving her space when for others it would be difficult to take that step back. That to me is love in it’s purest form!” 5 Stars from Gen Ryan