Motts Cold Case Mystery Series

Motts COld Case Mystery Series

In Polperro, Cornwall, the Motts Cold Case Mystery series has the most picturesque of settings.

Pineapple ‘Motts’ Mottley lives in a small two-storey cottage on the top of a hill outside of the village. Her parents live in London while the rest of her family resides within Cornwall. She solves mysteries with her best friends and the help of a cold-case detective.

Book 1

Poisoned Primrose  (July 25)

Book 2

Pierced Peony (2021)

Reoccurring Characters:

MC: Pineapple Mottley

Her parents: Rose and Dale Mottley

Uncle Tom Chen-Mottley, Aunt Lily Chen-Mottley, Cousin River Chen-Mottley (They run a brewery and live in Looe, Cornwall.)

Detective Inspector Teo Herceg


Best Friends: Anish and Pravina Griffin (twins). They run a coffee shop/bakery with their parents – Leena and Cadan.


Detective Perry Ash and his wife Marnie Ash

Constable Hughie Stone