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After the Scrum


When a former rugby player reinventing himself meets a man who’s afraid to move on, can love offer a path for them both?

When Caddock Stanford loses his brother and his rugby career, two of the most important parts of his life are gone forever. Now raising his young nephew, he seeks a quieter place away from the paparazzi and all the vices of his old life. Lust and love in the form of an eccentric man weren’t even on his horizon.


Francis Keen talks to his dog and his car. In his experience, people are less predictable and safe. His crippling anxiety keeps him anchored to his grandmother’s home. He wonders if he’ll ever find the courage to live—and to love.

Two men, so different, on track for a romantic collision… can they survive the impact?

“Let me start by saying that I loved this story – and all of its quirky, thoughtfully written characters. It’s sweet, sexy, poignant – and, overall, one of the most unique M/M romance novels I’ve read.” ~Passionate Reads

Read the novel that inspired the bestselling series The Sin Bin.


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“There are few, if any, faults to find in this book. Dahlia Donovan crafted a lovely, overwhelmingly believable romance in After the Scrum that was a true joy to read.”

Originally critiqued by the staff of Authors Talk About It for Book Award Contest.

Found You

found-you-available-nowWhen an uptight contractor and a happy-go-lucky veterinarian come together, the Florida Keys may never be the same again.

Kent Casado loses his husband, his home, and his business in a nasty divorce. Bitter, alone and almost penniless. He retreats to a beach cottage in the Keys for a respite.

Dusk Keller never allows others to define him. He loves everything about his life in the Keys as Dr. Dusky to all the local pets. It all changes when his daily walk on the beach leads him right past a delicious silver fox.

As casual becomes complicated, will this May-December romance be worth the wait?

“102 (according to Amazon) pages of drama, wit, love, tension, and conflict. With just the right amount of history of both men, of the now, of the build up, and oh of the steam! “ Debbie A.

November 29, 2016 from Hot Tree Publishing.

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