Blogger Interview: Bex n’ Books.


1. What trope do you wish authors would run far, far away from?
Language related would be the overuse of similes, and metaphors that are just plain odd and have no logical connection. There’s nothing like evoking a weird-arse picture in my head to turn me off. Cliche related would have to be insta-love. I do think characters should work for it. Likewise, repetitive inclusion of misunderstanding in a romance novel can be infuriating. It has the power to turn me off as opposed to continue turning the pages.
2. The one book you’ll re-read over and over and over:
Always with the one! Dang it.  Probably Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison
3.  If you could rewrite one book to change one part of it, which book would you choose and what would you change?
The only book which springs to mind is Belle Aurora’s RAW; however, if I am honest, I don’t even want to change that. I think Belle ended it perfectly. Don’t get me wrong, I love a HEA as much as the next hardcore romance reader, yet sometimes, the ‘bad boy’ is so far removed from real life that the feminist in me worries about the message it’s sending to impressionable young women. Sometimes, a ‘bad boy’ needs to be bad. They can’t always be changed and sometimes, they don’t even want to. Having a reality hit every now and then is something which can be challenging, but can be created with such spectacular finesse that it can blow our minds.
4. Do you have a favorite place to read?
I chase the quiet in my home, so anywhere that has a lockable door is great!
5. Tell us a little bit about why you started book blogging:
I discovered the indie publishing world a few years back after purchasing my first Kindle. It led me to discovering amazing and truly gifted authors with a staggering amount of talent. It was after falling in love Stephanie Rowe’s Order Of The Blade series–and wanting to scream and shout about how much I loved it–that Bex ‘n’ Books was born.
6. What’s the one thing you can’t live without?
No, I won’t be pedantic and say air or anything like that. My beautiful boy is a given. Yet, let’s be materialistic for a moment, I would say Facebook. Gasp-horror, I know. The community is so fabulous. It’s allowed me to reach out and meet some amazing people, several of whom have become such amazing friends. Likewise, it has provided me with the opportunity to expand my editing business too. Facebook has made so much possible.
7. And finally a quick round of pick one:
Coffee or Tea: Coffee
Sweet or Salty: Sweet
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Hot or Cold: Cold
Laptop or PC: Laptop
Paperback or Ebook: Ebook

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