Blackbird Advice: Heartbreak

Two wolves playing near forest

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I thought it would be fun to question the pack about love and loss.

I’m confident the Blackbird Security Firm will be as helpful as always.

/end sarcasm

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Darren: Of course.

Gareth: Wait for it.

Darren: Fell in love the first time I saw myself in the mirror.

Elaine: Smug prat.

Steve: Elaine, stop swatting Darren on the head.


Steve:  Stop hitting the poor bastard on the back as well.

Moving along, have you ever had your heart broken?

Darren: Yes.

Natasha: I am sorry, Lysytsya.*

Lorcan: Not so bleedin’ smug now, eh?

Josh: Ask the next bloody question before I decide I’m hungry for stew. Rabbit stew.

Have you ever broken someone’s heart?

Josh: Bloody hell.  Ask a different type of damned question.

Lorcan: Testy kitty.

*pause for scuffling*

Steve: Sit your asses down and answer the damn questions before I force the two of you to work together for an extended period.

Josh: Cruel boss, very cruel

How do you demonstrate love?

Josh: Getting stark naked tends to help.

Elaine:  Perverse wanker.

Josh: Hey, I’m not the damn fox.

Darren: Oi, you’re supposed to be on my side.

Lorcan: The best way to demonstrate love is to offer the one precious commodity we never get enough of–time.


Gareth: Well, shit.

Josh: If the bunny’s wise, does that mean I can use him for stew this time?

And I think I’ll wisely decide to leave this week’s post here and let Steve settle his pack down before they break something–or each other.

*Lysytsya – Fox


Don’t forget, if you have any questions for the pack, just shoot them over to me. Email



My favourite scene in the entire book:

If insomnia intended to plague her, Ivy might as well get something useful out of it. She grabbed her camera bag and tripod. There was enough moonlight to allow her to easily walk one of the well-trodden paths from the cottage down to one of the nearby lakes.

Setting her tripod up in a clearing, Ivy started to play around with angles and lighting. The water shimmered perfectly under the moon. She thought if she did give into Dane’s pressure to have an exhibition, it would be filled with images of Wales. She made another adjustment and took a few more shots.

Her mum had been right about needing to get out of her flat. Not just out of the flat, she had to take more trips out of London. Her photography blossomed when it involved less concrete civilisation and more wild nature. Before Alec had died, she travelled at least one week out of a month. She hadn’t been anywhere since he passed away.

Ivy somehow didn’t find herself all that surprised when a cranky white wolf ran up to her after thirty minutes or so. He growled at her and nudged the back of her knee with his nose. He became more insistent when she ignored him.

“Stop that.” Ivy flicked him on the top of the head. “It’s the middle of Wales, not a war zone. The greatest danger I have at the moment is being knocked over by you or possibly being run over by a rampaging sheep.”

Gareth snarled at her. She had a feeling it might be the wolf version of a sarcastic snort. She raised an eyebrow at him and went back to her camera. He growled at her again, but she refused to pay any attention to him.

“I’m not arguing with…” Ivy lunged forward to grab her tripod when his tail bumped against it. “Oh, go lick yourself, and stop being so bloody growly.”


Ivy glanced over her shoulder to find her other suitor in his two-legged form. “If you’re going to growl at me too, you can bugger off and take your furry friend with you.”

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