Book Review: The Misguided Confession

Cover600I loved Elaine’s relationship with her mate. It was beautifully written and I was able to see feel her struggles with all her relationships in her life. Her love for her mate was able to overcome some of these obstacles. He was an amazing man, patient and kind, taking his time with Elaine and giving her space when for others it would be difficult to take that step back. That to me is love in it’s purest form!” 5 Stars from Gen Ryan

Book Review: At War With A Broken Heart

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“Simply Excellent. This is a gay polyamorous romance wherein each of the three men in the relationship have different reasons to be broken, and the author does an excellent job of showing all the warts yet also showing how they heal each other. Truly an excellent romance, even without my next points.

One of the three men in question is Autistic, as is this reader. And this is one of the better representations of Autism I’ve ever seen in a novel. The author understands Autistics in such depth that she either is Autistic herself or has a very close relationship with an Autistic – I’ve never known anyone else to understand us this deeply. Her discussions of meltdowns and personhood in particular sound identical to what many Autistics describe, including myself.”

5 Stars from Jeff


Book Review: At War With A Broken Heart

AWWABH- 600x400Cover

I’ve never read a MMM romance, but chose to review AT WAR WITH A BROKEN HEART because I love Dahlia Donovan’s writing. Dahlia creates heartfelt stories that stay alive in your soul well after you read the final word. No one is perfect and that makes it this story all the richer as it opened my eyes to our imperfect world. Fie, Sid, and Davet’s unique lives compelled me to read this straight through. I could’ve read about them well past how this story ended.

There is an abundance of emotion I felt with that lived in this story and the characters. With anguish, love, loss, lust, and much more, it didn’t slow down or overwhelm the story but brought that bring the men together building a strong friendship. The uniqueness of the men helped the others survive and break down walls to live better than the life they’d felt dealt them. It all made my heart warm. This is a book you shouldn’t pass by. Dahlia Donovan is an author to keep on the top of your favorites list.

5 Stars from Sheila Kell


Book Review: At War With A Broken Heart

AWWABH- 600x400Cover

“All the feels and then some! Poly relationships in books can be tricky to pull off under the best of circumstances without having an odd man out–someone who doesn’t quite fit or isn’t a necessary part in the relationship. Despite that, Dahlia Donovan makes it look like a walk in the park, and she does it with style, giving us a three-man relationship with the May-December trope as an added bonus.”

5 Stars from Becky at The Romance Reviews

The Romance Review

Book Review: One Last Heist

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“Dude. This was one of the funniest books I have ever read. I think this is the first I’ve read of this author. Honestly, I can’t be 100% because I read so much lol. Yikes. But this book was so good. The relationship and chemistry between the two MCs is just the best. Even with being married. It’s funny, snarky yet loving, and definitely off the charts hot. I laughed so hard every time Toshiro would snark or comment at Mack in another language. Oh man, it’s so funny. It’s so good, too, because it’s a mystery. A good whodunnit and why? Betrayals, murder, and so much more, while working heists and not getting caught.”

5 Stars from Becca at Love Bytes