Book Excerpt: One Last Heist

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“Would you just admit you can’t see in the dark?” Toshiro snapped in pure frustration. “Mack. Are you listening to me?”

“I’m fine. My ears work perfectly.”


He’s fine.


Fine, my arse.

Well, my arse is fine.

“You walked into the table.” Toshiro watched in the darkened room through the night vision on his camera while his stubborn husband stumbled around. “And into the sofa—oh, and the wall. Classic. You’re supposed to crack the safe, not take a header into it.”

“Toshi,” Mack whispered his nickname sharply. “Couldn’t you yell at me in Cantonese or Japanese or any one of the hundred languages you speak? It would still be distracting, but I wouldn’t understand a word of it.”

“I speak thirty languages—not a hundred.” Toshiro grinned even though Mack couldn’t see it. “I suppose the point of a timed run-through of cracking the safe might require your full attention. Oh, look, you tripped over the carpet again.”

Toshiro Ueda-Easton.

Gregor Tempest Mackay Ueda-Easton. Fine, fine. I’ll be quiet. Continue walking into the wall, but I’m not explaining your concussion to the others.” Toshiro continued to ramble about the idiotic stubbornness of his husband in Portuguese, one of the many languages he’d picked up over the years. “Idiota.

“I understood that one.” Mack tossed one of the drill bits of his safe-drilling rig in his husband’s general direction—missing him completely. “Keep cussing me out in Spanish.”


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Book Review: One Last Heist

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I loved this book so much, I am reading it again. Truly, Dahlia Donovan is one of my favorite indy authors. Her ability to weave plot lines together as well as giving the characters such growth and personality is my idea of perfection. I have many favorites, but this one is at the top. Toshi and Mack are probably the best and most well written couple. They work together, their personalities play off one another, the romance, sex, trust, literally everything between them just works… and works well.” ~ 5 stars from RJ on Amazon

Book Review: All Lathered Up

latheredSometimes the perfect book is the short one. I’m a huge Dahlia Donovan fan, and this book did not disappoint. It was like reading a sitcom, without having to watch TV. I downloaded it the other day when I just didn’t feel like opening up a full-length book. The characters are fun, life-long friends, who finally decide to make a go of it. I’d love to see the other friends get their own short story as well. It was the perfect little nighttime read.

5 Stars from RJ on Amazon

Blog Tour: Three Empty Words

Author: Gen Ryan
Title: Three Empty Words
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Release Date: September 9, 2017
Cover Designer: Claire Smith
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Melanie Smith has spent her entire life waiting for her happy ever after. For a moment there, everything is hunky-dory until her boyfriend falls in love with another man. Trying to move on, she makes every effort to find “the one.”
Watching everyone around her find love, leaving her knee-deep in spinster status, Melanie decides on a new path: become a surrogate for her ex-turned-best friend. She doesn’t bargain on a two-for-one deal: a baby for bestie… and a new man.
Join Melanie on her journey as she navigates the highs and lows, the cravings and confusion of love and trying to find meaning in those three empty words.


“Melanie.” My name came out like a seduction, teasing me. I clenched my legs together, the pad that I was sitting on crinkling in response. The man was pure sex and everything he did or said jump-started my body. “Tell me about having this baby.” He glanced down at my chart. “It says here that you are going to be a surrogate.”
“I… um….” I looked away, my eyes finding a spot on the floor to focus on. I didn’t know what to say. Did he need to know the details? My hesitation must have shown, because he cleared his throat.
“If you’d prefer, I can transfer you to a female doctor. I know sometimes these things can be difficult to talk about. Dr. Phillips might be available.”
“No!” My voice was about three octaves too high. Okay, I sounded eager. Way overeager. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to freak out. It’s just hard to talk about.” I shifted on the table, the crinkling returning. “Dr….” I squinted, trying to remember his name. He never did introduce himself.
“Please call me Ashe.”
“Ashe,” I said with a smile. “Well, short version is my ex-boyfriend, now best friend, fell in love with a man, got married, and they’re having trouble adopting. They want to have a baby so they asked me, and here I am.” I pulled on the gown. Ashe cocked his head to the side, studying me curiously. Yup, he thinks I’m certifiable.
“Okay,” he said, looking away, but not before I caught his lips curve into a smile. Lips that look like they need a big fat kiss from yours truly.
“You’re a good friend to do all this.” He smiled as he went to the door and pressed a button. A moment later the same female nurse from earlier came in and went over to the counter and put gloves on. They snapped on her wrists, causing me to jump.
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You can find Genevieve curled up reading paranormal romance and romantic thrillers, or frantically typing her stories on her laptop.

Psychology is her trade by day, teaching and molding the minds of college students. Her interest in psychology can be seen in her books, each including many psychological undertones. Although she loves teaching, her passion, her true love, lies in the stories that roam around in her head. Yes, they all come from her mind-the good, the bad, and the totally insane. 

She lives in Massachusetts-no, not Boston-with her husband, daughter, and American Eskimo dog. With each story, she shares, she hopes her love for writing and storytelling seeps through, encompassing the reader and leaving them wanting more.


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Blog Tour: Eva King


Author: Eva King
Title: Damage Control
Release Date: May 27, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Cover Designer: Claire Smith
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Recovering from a broken relationship, Emma Mitchell moves in with her best friend. Her life is quiet and uneventful, just how she likes it. Little does she know that the events of the following months will change her life forever.

Famous Hollywood actor James McNair is a renowned womaniser with a penchant for partying and hitting the tabloids for all the wrong reasons. When a night of partying a little too hard means he finally has to take stock and reevaluate his lifestyle, a week away from the flashing lights of Hollywood is just what he needs. What better place to hide than in his childhood home in Edinburgh, Scotland?

When the old friends are reunited, feelings resurface and sparks fly. But James must keep the pretence of his new persona until the premier of his biggest film in his career. He just has no idea if he’ll be able to keep his feelings for Emma under wraps until then.

Sometimes it takes more than damage control to find a happily ever after.

What inspired me to write Damage Control
by Eva King
I can confess that I didn’t always want to be a writer. When I was younger, my dream was to be a teacher, to mould young minds and for them to love the classics–Romeo and Juliet, Little Women–as much as I did. But things don’t tend to happen the way you planned.
Even though I’ve always been a reader, I started writing after I read Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer. I was completely captivated by the love story, and when I read how she wrote the book with young children like me, I was inspired. If she could do it, so could I. The only difference was that I didn’t have a college degree.
The first novel I wrote ended up in the bin. I hated the main character, and let’s face it, it was utter crap. But it didn’t stop me. Just imagining my own world, the characters… created a monster in me that needed more.
I went to the library and borrowed Stephen King’s On Writing, which I ended up buying. Here I learned that he didn’t become a best seller overnight, that he started by writing short stories. So I followed his steps, by writing a couple of stories–not the drinking–which were refused for being “Pulp Fiction”.
I didn’t want to write a classic or a masterpiece. I wanted to write something that I enjoyed reading and hopefully other people would too.
Finally a group of authors in Goodreads joined up and we wrote stories, providing every bit of royalties to charity. I didn’t get my name known or make any money of it,  but I learned a lot from other authors, which I still consider friends.
I started writing Damage Control when I saw the cover of The Times magazine, with Ryan Gosling. It made me wonder who was his first love, crush…that’s how James McNair was born. Out of curiosity.
I can’t say it was easy, it wasn’t. Everyone I spoke to, advised to plan the character, plan the scenarios. But I couldn’t. Planning in advance didn’t work for me.
The story would come to me by sitting in front of the computer, not before.
There were times where I would feel like what I was writing wasn’t worth it. That my lack of a degree showed in my words, so I left it for a while. Hidden in the depths of the computer, gathering fictional dust.
After reading Slammed by Colleen Hoover, she managed to write a whole novel after school clubs. It gave me hope.
So, I revived Damage Control, this time writing Emma’s point of view.
My main problem was writing on a Notebook, I needed to be connected online to be able to use Word. Leaving nighttimes, when everyone at home was asleep, to write.
That’s when I discovered that E L James, the author from Fifty Shades of Grey, wrote her novel on her Blackberry phone. I saved for what seemed like an eternity and bought a smart phone.
Thanks to this, I managed to finish Damage Control on my way to work, typing relentlessly on the phone until it was done.
Now, I’m not saying it wasn’t hard work. Nobody told me that writing a book was going to be easy, but I didn’t imagine it was going to be so hard. I suppose this is why most people call it an accomplishment. To me it was an achievement, a way to show that everything is possible if I worked hard enough.
Now that I’ve finished, I can’t wait to start another one.




Eva King was born in Spain. During her teenage years, she moved with her mother to Scotland, where she fell in love with the culture and one of its men.
She now lives in Barcelona with her husband, two children and a cat called Hamish.


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Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s my birthday today so I decided to celebrate with a massive sale. All of my books are on sale.


The Wanderer, The Caretaker, and After the Scrum are all at 50%.

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After the Scrum

You’ll find The Misguided Confession and Found you at .99c.

Found You

 The Misguided Confession

The Blackbird Anthology is free on Amazon.



Also, I’m giving away an After the Scrum tote filled with book swag (that I got at the RT Convention earlier this month) as well as a signed paperback.

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Cover Reveal: After the Scrum!

Title: After the Scrum
Author: Dahlia Donovan
Genre: Sweet M/M Contemporary Romance, Sport/Rugby
Release Date: April 1, 2016
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Designer: Claire Smith
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Caddock ‘The Brute’ Stanford lost his brother and rugby career within the same year. The once man-about-town is now a has-been and guardian to his young nephew. Not sure where life will go after the scrum, he decides to purchase a pub in the Cornwall village of Looe. He never expects to fall in lust—and then love.
Francis Keen hides his crippling anxiety behind his eccentric habits, lush interior design, and beloved dog, Sherlock. Alone by choice after an attack in college left him emotionally scarred, he lives by the sea with his gran, resigned to working small jobs for local businesses. Revamping the pub for the new owner is right up his alley—especially when he realizes who the owner is.
Two men, so different, on track for a romantic collision. Can they survive the impact?

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Dahlia Donovan started out working in the insurance world. After ten years, she morphed her love of investigating accidents and studying people into writing about them. She’s a bit of a hermit and despises being in front of a camera. Her life wouldn’t be complete without her husband and her massive collection of books and video games.

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