Book Review: Crown Court Killer

crown court killer_frontcover300One thing I love about this series, and this book for sure, is the clever writing. It makes me laugh and smile so much and I almost never solve the mystery. Like all the books in this series, I get so engaged I read in one sitting. A great book to take with you to the beach and enjoy.

~ 5 Stars – Vols77 on Amazon

Book Review: Crown Court Killer

crown court killer_frontcover300This is cosy mystery writing at its cosy best, I honestly feel like I am popping on my comfy slippers and settling back for the best relaxation when reading one of this author’s books.

~ 4.5 Stars – Robyn C., SRoKK

Book Review: Crown Court Killer

crown court killer_frontcover300“Not sure why this series by Dahlia Donovan entertains me so much, maybe the likable characters, the excellent writing and the cozy mysteries, but I am here for however many more the author is willing to write.”

~ SNik MM Romance Reviews – 5 Stars

5 Things Osian & Dannel Shouldn’t Have Done


  1. According to detective inspector Haider Khan? Intrdue on his crime scene.
  2. Walk straight into danger.
  3. Attempt to question a murderer (see #1 + 2)
  4. Underestimate the power of lust and love.
  5. Eaten an entire pizza at three in the morning.

The Most Difficult Parts….

Blue Illustrated Snowflake Winter Photo Collage

..of writing Crown Court Killer


Writing in a pandemic. Being creative during ‘interesting and traumatic’ times is difficult at best. Difficult feels like such an understatement for what writing in the past two years has been like.


Burn out. (See above) A combination of the pandemic and personal life stuff hit me really hard right about the time I began writing Crown Court Killer. It made the entire process a lot harder than usual.


A complex murder plot involving a lot more moving parts than I usually deal with.


Uncooperative characters who further complicated a complex plot. My characters often run amuck (amuck is such a good word.) But they definitely had mind of their own in Crown Court Killer.


Another story calling my name. I won’t lie; I spent a lot of the time thinking about Purloined Poinsettia, Motts’s next adventure. It’s hard to work on one mystery when another is loudly screaming at your muse.

Things I googled for Crown Court Killer


  1. What does the Old Vic look like?
  2. The UK Judicial System (very dry reading)
  3. Can you strangle someone with a tie?
  4. How well do CCTV cameras see at night?
  5. London Weddings
  6. Head injuries
  7. Posh names
  8. Unique manners of death
  9. Serial Killers and why they keep trophies
  10. Greeks. Romans. Togas. Himations.

Crown Court Killer Playlist

  1. Hurt Somebody – Noah Kahan
  2. Carried Me With You – Brandi Carlile
  3. Almost – Hozier
  4. Remember to Forget – Passenger
  5. Gloria – The Lumineers
  6. Yours in the Morning – Patrick Droney
  7. Listen to the Man – George Ezra
  8. Wild Love – James Bay
  9. Come Home to Me – LEON
  10. Wasn’t Expecting That – Jamies Lawson