Mind over Matter; Mind over Muscle.


One of my new TV obsessions is a show on the History channel called The Selection.  It’s about a group of civilians who are being put through a squashed down version of the training that Navy Seals, Rangers, etc. all have to go through. It is, I think, an eye-opening experience for people to see the hell that it can be.

I expected to be entertained–I didn’t anticipate hearing a few really profound life lessons. Thought I’d share a few things that have stayed on my mind, rolling around up there, inspiring not only me as a person–but my muse, as well.

  1. Know your motivation for doing what you do–make it deep and important.
  2. Your mind will give up before your body.
  3. The hard shit in life? It’s temporary. Get through it–don’t give up.
  4. Do your best, even if you fail, you’ll have done everything you can.
  5. Failing isn’t the same as quitting. When you fail, you can try again. When you quit, you’ve given up on yourself before you even have a chance to see what you’re capable of.

Have you watched The Selection? If not, what have you seen/read that’s inspired you recently?