The weatherman told us we’d get a little bit of snow on Friday.  The bastard lied.  We got non-stop thick snow for most of the day and wound up with around eight to ten inches. My dog was not amused.

She hopped around in it for a bit, completely disappearing.

I loved it…right up until the point when both our power and internet decided to go out.

I handled it fairly well.  I lived in the Dominican Republic for two years when I was in my twenties, dealing with power outages was a daily occurrence, so  I have loads of experience.

What do I do with my time? I reread the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs (the ones I had in paperback in any case.) I also read a few of Mary Balogh’s novels.  Oh, and I made some headway on a less exciting non-fiction book that I’ve been putting off.

My beloved hubby did NOT handle being without power and internet.  Accurate depiction of him:

He also whined a bit (and by that I mean constantly), and I ended up feeling a bit like this:

Did you get any snow this weekend?

An Ode to My Husband.


Dearest Husband,

I am so pleased you find documentaries exciting and fascinating.

I am less pleased by your need to share every. single. moment. of said documentary with me.  Repeatedly.

This was my writing weekend.

I wrote nothing.

You talked non-stop for hours.

I would deary love to love you upside the head with a pillow made of bricks.  I shall settle instead for staring moodily at you over my cup of tea.


A Frustrated Writer