The theatre, the theatre…

what’s happened to the theatre?

Bonus points if you know what movie that quote is from.

In Cosplay Killer, Dannel and Osian love the theatre scene. I thought I’d share some of their favourite places.

  1. Drury Lane (Theatre Royal), the oldest London theatre still in use. Dannel believes there’s an energy to the place that transfers to performances.
  2. The Theatre Cafe, a coffee shop not far from their flat that has live performances.
  3. Apollo Victoria Theatre
  4. The West End, in general, with all of the museums and shops, etc.
  5. The Old Vic

Setting the Scene – Natasha

InspirationBefore I start writing a book, I usually find I need to immerse myself into who the characters, or at least the main character is.  In Natasha, it required a little bit of exploration into Eastern European countries, and the Ukraine to be specific.   I thought I’d share a little bit about what I kept around me while I was writing.



 by mariusz kluzniaz


Isle of Eigg:

Shore Cottage

Muddled Fruit.