Cover Reveal: The Blackbird Anthology & Lorcan!


The Blackbird Anthology is the complete Blackbird series story containing: Ivy, Natasha, Masquerade, Twelve Days and Under Fire.  It also contains the newly released Lorcan.  Lorcan will also be released as a free read for subscribers to my newsletter.


When a group of lonely shifters came together during their service with the Royal marines, they never imagined the strong pack that would develop between them.  Channeling their special operative training, they built a security firm with two alpha wolves at the head of a motley crew of shifters not known for playing well-together.

They’ve lived their lives as outcasts from their own individual species of shifters choosing to form a family with each other instead.  Until Now.  Follow the Blackbird pack as they fall victim to love one by one.

Can they guard their own hearts?


Sorting through the Mess.


There are days when writing feels more like being a janitor for my muse.

Sometimes when you’re writing, you come to a point where you realize something isn’t working.  You might not be able to put your finger on it, but whatever it is needs to be changed.  I’ve been avoiding Lorcan’s story for this reason.


Aren’t all authors brilliant procrastinators?

It can’t just be me.

I watched a game of footie recently (soccer).  It was a brilliant match, well played, but no goals scored.  The chapters I’ve written for Lorcan feel just like that game.  Flashes of brilliance, but not the climax I’m striving toward.

The solution?




Then sob pitifully into a pint of sea salt caramel ice cream.

Followed by picking my pen up and starting to write again.