How to not spam people.

mopOn average, I probably receive about three to four messages (whether email, Facebook message or Twitter DM’s) a day from people wanting me to post something on their behalf on my FB page or blog, or from people who want me to ‘buy their things.’ It might be a fellow author with their book, or a vendor who makes swag, or a book cover artist.  I’ve even gotten emails from editors and the occasional publisher.

As an autistic, there are times when I automatically disregard these messages, because they often come across as highly aggressive which makes me highly uncomfortable.   I’ve said it often, but it remains true, the world is made for the neurotypical and not for the neurally diverse.  So here’s a list of tips for those looking to promote themselves for how they can make their pitch more friendly to all buyers.

  • Don’t use all caps.  It will always come across like your angry, which will turn a way a lot of people, not just the neurally diverse.  (And for that matter don’t use weird things like alternating caps – BeCaUsE it is highly distracting and annoying.)
  • Avoid repeated messages.  I don’t need three messages from you within a week.
  • Avoid auto-play music on your website.  It can be incredibly jarring and put people off.
  • Telling me how I’m doing something wrong is not going to endear me to you at all.
  • Posting your request to my FB page instead of private messaging me will almost guarantee a ‘no.’
  • Keep your message clear and concise, or I’ll get lost.
  • Don’t sent me a direct tweet on twitter about how I need your services.  That’s called spam, and it’s rude, stop it.
  • Think about how you would want to be approached when you’re writing your sales pitch.

Also, maybe do some research into who your target audience is?

Strike that, definitely do research into who your target audience is.