Things you didn’t learn in Cosplay Killer


For me, and I’m sure most authors, there’s always details about your characters that don’t wind up on the page. Things that help you build their personalities or their worlds, yet readers might not see them. I thought it would be fun to share a few of those.

First, the biggest thing that happens off screen in Cosplay Killer actually occurs a year or so before the story even starts. Osian experiences the worst fear, I imagine, for any paramedic. It greatly affects both him, Dannel, and the story itself.

I wanted to start a year on because to me it was interesting to delve into the process of recovering from that.

Second, Dannel’s family history. It’s a tricky one because we see what happened from Dannel’s perspective and when you’re a kid, you see things different. I’m going to enjoy exploring that even more as the series progresses.

Third, theatre kids. This one is kind of on the page because we see a lot about musicals and plays. But both Dannel and Osian were massively into theatre throughout their childhood. I don’t really explore that much.


Favourite Stickers of 2020

One of my hobbies/interests is planning. I’ve collected a lovely selection of stickers. I thought I’d share some of my favourite indie sticker shops. There’s loads more but these are ones I return to most often.

I find decorating a planner to be quite relaxing. I usually have a day each month where I spend several hours preparing the following months pages.

Sweet Kawaii Design

The Coffee Monsterz Co

The Planner World

Every Minute A Story

Linou’s Pots

Quite a few of these were very….2020 themed as you can tell.

Do you use a planner?

What makes Osian tick?


(Image by 俊哉 佐伯 from Pixabay)

  1. Cake. Seriously.
  2. Music, particularly musical cast albums and video game soundtracks. It gets him going in the mornings and helps him relax.
  3. Dannel.
  4. Helping  People.
  5. His family.
  6. Cold nights in London when everything is quiet.
  7. Pizza and a cold beer.
  8. Researching true crime mysteries.
  9. Creating the perfect cosplay outfit and being surrounded by other creative cosplayers.
  10. His friends.

What inspires you?


(Image by fiach from Pixabay)

The beginnings of the idea of Cosplay Killer started in the back of my brain ever since I wrote The Grasmere trilogy. I knew I wanted to write a full M/M cosy mystery series with an established couple. There were just other stories to write first, so I let this one percolate for a while.

Inspiration came from a number of places, and I thought it would be fun to share some of them for you.

– Hamilton and Six: The Musical.

I’m not sure which came first–Cosplay Killer or my new obsession with Hamilton and Six: The Musical. But they’re definitely intertwined.

– Cosplay

My vision for Dannel and Osian was of two men passionate about video games, the theatre, movies, and cosplaying their favourite characters. It’s something I hope to explore further as the series grows.

– Video Games

– Air Ambulance/Ambulance shows

There are a number of the shows out of the UK. My hubby and I watch them religiously. I’ve had friends who are paramedics who talk about burn out. I knew I wanted one of the MCs in the series to explore that concept.

– Covent Gardens

The image above is one I found while looking for something else. And it sparked something in me about where they lived.

If you’re an author, where do you find inspiration for your books?

10 Facts about Osian

Colorful 90s Themed Party Photo Collage

An introduction to Osian from my upcoming cosy mystery, Cosplay Killer

1. Used to be a paramedic.

2. Obsessed with podcasts.

3. Knows all the words to Hamilton.

4. Could live on a cake.

5. Has a younger sister.

6. Has several tattoos including one of jam and toast.

7. Lives in Covent Garden.

8. Deeply in love with Dannel.

9. Lives for Tottenham FC.

10. Enjoys Cosplay.

The theatre, the theatre…

what’s happened to the theatre?

Bonus points if you know what movie that quote is from.

In Cosplay Killer, Dannel and Osian love the theatre scene. I thought I’d share some of their favourite places.

  1. Drury Lane (Theatre Royal), the oldest London theatre still in use. Dannel believes there’s an energy to the place that transfers to performances.
  2. The Theatre Cafe, a coffee shop not far from their flat that has live performances.
  3. Apollo Victoria Theatre
  4. The West End, in general, with all of the museums and shops, etc.
  5. The Old Vic