For the love of old words.


One thing Niclas, from Stubbed Toes and Dating Woes, and I share is a love of words. In school, I took Etymology as an elective for a couple years, mostly because I loved the subject. Studying the origin and meaning of words was fascinating to me–then and now.

Grammarly emails me once a week with updates on my writing stats, and it’s never a surprise to be informed that I have a ‘unique’ vocabulary. I’ve always inhaled books and absorbed words. I think it comes from being autistic.

So, in writing Niclas’s character, I knew I wanted him to use some very old words. Ones that no one uses anymore. It required a lot of research on my part. I wanted to find the obscure and rare because that made it more fun.

And felt more like something Niclas would use.

My favourite, aside from the swear words, is myne owne hertis rote. The literal translation is mine own heart’s root.  Macabre and romantic.  A medieval term of endearment which just really struck me as perfect for Niclas and Falk.

It was sweet and weird so perfectly Niclas.

8 Things to Love about Niclas

Stubbed Toes

  1. He’s adorable.
  2. Obsessed with old words.
  3. A little cinnamon roll.
  4. Hordes language like a dragon hordes treasure.
  5. Also, he has a small treasure horde.
  6. More likely to stumble off a cliff or accidentally drown than the average person.
  7. Loves preserving history.
  8. Spends his vacation hunting for ancient artefacts.

What I streamed in April.

I thought it would be fun to share what I enjoyed watching in April. Just the stuff I enjoyed. Not the stuff I DNF’d.

Emergency NYC

A fascinating insight into the Lenox Hills hospital system in NYC. This was such a good show. I really hope they do a second season.

Staged (Season 3 since it was just recently uploaded.)

My thoughts still stand: Michael Sheen. David Tennant. Need I say more?

Big Mack

Fascinating. I do enjoy a good true crime documentary.


This was just…sad. I mean, it was a well-done look into the events that happened with the Koresh cult in Waco. But it was just sad.

I watched quite a few other things but to be honest, I either DNF’d it or didn’t enjoy it enough to mention.

The Stubbed Toes & Dating Woes Playlist

  1. Let’s Stay Home Tonight – NEEDTOBREATHE
  2. Wanted Man – Mat Kearney
  3. Sinners Lauren Aquilina
  4. Oceans – Seafret
  5. A Drop in the Ocean – Ron Pope
  6. Take Me Home – Jess Glynne
  7. Uncharted – Sara Bareilles
  8. I Saw Love – Forest Blakk
  9. Heartbeat – The Fray
  10. Kiss Me Slowly – Parachute

Things I googled for Stubbed Toes & Dating Woes


  1. Metal Detecting Laws
  2. Treasures found on beaches and in rivers
  3. What happens when treasure is found
  4. Seeds to plant in winter
  5. Best places to find treasure in UK
  6. How metal detectors work (especially waterproof ones)
  7. How treasures are handled/archived at museums
  8. First aid
  9. Best times of year to search for treasures
  10. Walking videos of Cornish beaches