Coming Up with a Title

….for Ghost Light Killer.

Before Ghost Light Killer became Ghost Light Killer, I went through a series of other ideas for the title. I thought it might be fun to share them.

  • Boyfriend Killer
  • Curtain Call Killer (A close runner up)
  • Scene Killer
  • Chorus Line Killer
  • Prop Killer
  • Bloodstained Costume (not even close to being a runner up)

In the end, when I hit on Ghost Light Killer, I immediately knew I’d found the perfect title for the next adventure for Osian and Dannel.

Characters and Tattoos.

Before I write any book (and particularly when starting a new series,) I fill out several pages of character notes for the main characters. It includes two pages of questions along with one for details about their friends and families.

One section involving personal appearance includes tattoos.

Tattoos, I feel, can tell you a lot about a person. For Osian and Dannel, they definitely tell a story about them. I didn’t see them as people who’d get random ones without there being a meaning behind them.

Even if the meaning might be silly to some people.

So, what are there tattoos?

First? Osian and Dannel have the same tattoo inked on their ankles. A jam-covered toast with a smiley face and a little heart. It’s the tattoo they’ve had the longest.

The rest of their tattoos are more personal to each of them. Osian has two gaming related tattoos—one for a PlayStation controller and the other from the game Assassin’s creed.  Dannel’s main tattoo is one connected to being a firefighter.

They’ve both considered getting other tattoos but haven’t made the decision yet. I’m sure at some point they’d get one connected to musicals or true crime since that’s their joint passions.

As for me personally? I don’t have any tattoos. I’m absolutely terrified of needles. I’ve always wanted to get one but can’t see myself being able to get through the experience.

How about you? Do you have any tattoos?

You can find visual representations of the tattoos on my pinterest page:

Things I Learned from Hotel Impossible.

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I’ve binge-watched all the seasons of Hotel Impossible on Discovery+. I thought it would be fun to share the things I’ve learned from watching it.

  1. I’m never staying at a hotel again. Kidding. Mostly.
  2. Check both the sheets/mattress. Seriously.
  3. Carry sanitiser of some form with you when you travel.
  4. Always check reviews online.
  5. Don’t stay at a place that doesn’t take credit cards.
  6. There are amazing little hotels all over the US.
  7. Check for bugs…see #2.
  8. Don’t sleep naked, seriously don’t.
  9. Did I mention check for bugs?
  10. Maybe also clorox wipes or lysol?

What I overthought…

….in Ghost Light Killer.

First? The killer and their motive. I can’t giveaway too much because spoilers. But…I definitely had to rethink aspects of the mystery a few times.

Second? The ghost. Again. Spoilers. You’ll see when you read the book.

Third? Myron.

Fourth? Ian’s musical.

Fifth? The ending, which I erased and rewrote at least once to get it perfect.

4 Things I Love about the Apartment…

…in Ghost Light Killer.

Osian and Dannel have an epic setup. They live in a building owned by Danny’s family–so no rent. They do have to keep an eye on their neighbour’s and help clean up. All things considered, they’ve got the best of everything.

So what do I love about it?

The Neighbours

There is an eclectic group of people who live in the apartment building. Ian is probably my favourite secondary character. He’s a riot.

The View

They live in Covent Garden and have a colourful and eclectic view out the window.

Photo by Pierre Blachu00e9 on

The Building

The apartment building was built in the 40s…and looks like it. It’s lovely. Check out my Pinterest for the visual reference I used.

The Kitchen

Photo by Gary Barnes on

Daily Routine

In my post on executive dysfunction a few months ago, I believe I mentioned having a cleaning routine. I might’ve also talked about my daily routine that helps me cope on hard days. If I didn’t, I meant to.

I have both a morning and evening routine. Truthfully, I follow the former more frequently than the later. Evenings just don’t always go to plan.

The key thing to me following a routine at all?


Keep it simple.

Complexity doesn’t work for me when I’m stumbling around in the morning without coffee.

  • I wake up, a key part of any morning routine.
  • Splash my face with water, brush my teeth (and hair…separate process lol), and stretch.
  • Make the bed.
  • Walk Bacon.
  • Breakfast.

And that’s it.

That is literally my early morning routine.

Everything else that comes next is part of my to-do list for the day and may or may not get done.

Do you have a routine?