Ode to my Muse


Dear Finicky Figment of My Imagination,

While I grasp the difficulties which you face as the muse of a paranormal romance author, I don’t believe you grasp the difficulties I face when at the mercy of your whims.

There is no logical reason to send ideas to me in the middle of the night or while I have shampoo in my hair in the shower.

How about you send the earth shattering plot twists when I’m actually writing?

Just a thought.

Sincerely yours,

A frustrated author.

The Fabulous Moment of the ‘Aha.’

InspirationIt never strikes at a convenient time, does it?  The muse in charge of new ideas is a fickle creature even on a good day. It never seems to bring inspiration when I really need it.

No, it waits for inconvenient moments when I can’t possible get to a piece of paper and a pen.

I’ve had ideas in the shower or while I’m driving in traffic or when I’m in the middle of cutting up raw chicken for dinner.

Not really moments when I can drop everything to get the elusive nugget of an idea down on paper before it drifts away from me.  I think I should invest in very small notebooks that I can wear around my neck.

Or one of those little voice recorders, that wouldn’t work that well in a shower though.

What’s the strangest place that inspiration has ever struck you?