My Year of No.

Several friends of mine tend to have a ‘word of the year’ that seems to sum up how they intend to approach a new year. I usually don’t. For 2018, I had one word on my mind – No.




This is my year of No.

One thing I’ve noticed about myself (and other autistics) is we loathe confrontation so much that we end up saying yes when we’d rather say no. We get roped into doing more and more if only to get out of a conversation or argument. Being afraid to hurt someone’s feelings is also part of it.

Last year felt like a year of yes. It was completely unintentionally. And by the end of 2017, I felt exhausted physically, emotionally, and every other way you can. I’d pushed myself to do more and more and more. And had less and less and less as a result, if that makes any sense at all.

So this year is my year of no.

I’m not saying yes to getting involved in things (whatever they may be) when I’m honestly not interested or if it pushes me beyond what’s healthy for me.

I’d actually started doing it in November of last year and ended up writing the best novel I’ve ever written to date.

If life is all about balance, a bit of no sometimes helps keeps you from tipping over.

(That made no sense.)

How about you?

Do you struggle with saying no to opportunities even when you should?

Do you have a word for the year?





If I’m honest while externally in the world 2016 was a bit of a shit kind of year, it was personally a fairly spectacular one. I managed, with the brilliant Hot Tree Publishing, to publish two novels and a novella.  And I have a new rugby romance series on the horizon for 2017.

2016 ended with a massive surprise for me as well–finding my birth family. As an adopted kid, I’ve spent almost ten years searching for them. It was absolutely the best Christmas present I could’ve ever wished to receive.

My word-type of goals for 2017 are to read more and to write more consistently. I hope to accomplish this by writing at least thirty minutes every day. It’s certainly a doable goal.

What are your goals for 2017? Anything in particular you hope to achieve?

New Year Resolution.


Or is it the beginning?

The end of one year and the start of another is always a time of reflection for me.  I usually go through my goals from the previous year and my hopes for the upcoming one.  I find it a good time to be honest with myself.

I didn’t quite achieve all of my writing goals in 2015.

Misguided Confession (Elaine’s story) is still floundering at 15k, far shy of the 50k I’d hoped to reach by the end of the year.  It was side-lined by my m/m romance, After the Scrum.  I’ve put Elaine’s story on the front burner for 2016 with a goal to write at least 1k a day until it’s finished.

*fingers crossed*

Do you have any end of the year traditions? Do you set goals for yourself?