Things I loved in 2018


It’s been a hell of a year, but I thought I’d share a few things that made me happy in 2018.

  • Nailed It! on  Netflix. Best cooking show. Ever. EVER.
  • New Amsterdam
  • JetPens (a new shop I discovered, it’s not new, but new to me)
  • Finishing WIPs
  • Winter Olympics (Adam Rippon and Chloe Kim in particular)
  • Sara Bareilles new song Armor
  • Assassin’s Creed Odyessy

What are some of the things you loved in 2018?

Lessons from the Olympics.

This is a conversation I’ve had with my hubby three times in the last seven days.

Hubby: What are we watching tonight?

Me: The Olympics.

Hubby: Again? Seriously? Isn’t anything else on?


It’s fair to say I’ve watched the Olympics all day, every day since the opening ceremony. I’ve seen everything from curling (which I swear was invented by drunken, bored Scotsmen) to snowboarding to figure skating.  The Winter Olympics are always my favourite.

I’m taking a few lessons away from the athletes as well. I thought I’d share them.

  1. Never give up. Even if you fall on your face, you might still win in the end if you keep going.
  2. Tune out the critics (even if it’s your own self-doubt.)
  3. Sometimes winning comes without a medal. Set your own definitions for success.
  4. No matter how inspired. I’ll never be a figure skater. I’d probably maim myself in the attempt. lol
  5. Find joy in what you’re doing.

How about you? Are you enjoying the Olympics? What’s your favourite event so far?

Five Things about Winning.


A few lessons I’ve learned about winning from watching the Olympics this past two weeks:

  1. If you cannot lose with grace, you shouldn’t win either.  Exhibit A: Hope Solo.
  2. All the world roots for an underdog.
  3. Winners require determination, but a bit of luck is usually in the mix.
  4. If you fall down, pick yourself up. If someone falls in front of you, help them up as well. (See #5 for why).
  5. Winning isn’t always about achieving first place or receiving a medal.

Have you enjoyed the Olympics?

Five Things about the Olympics

2016_Summer_Olympics_opening_ceremony_1035310-05082016-_mg_2086_04.08.16By Agência Brasil 

The Olympics have rolled around once again. I have to admit to a bit of an obsession with them–more the winter than summer games. When I was little, maybe four or five, I would drag my blanket in front of the telly and try to mimic the tumbling of the Olympic gymnasts, without much success. It’s a miracle I didn’t knock anything over.

In celebration of the Rio Olympics, here are a few things I’ve loved so far:

  1. The lighting of the flame. I didn’t think anything could come close to the unique petal design from London 2012. The Brazilians came pretty damn close with their stunning art installation.  It was beautiful.
  2. Beach volleyball. Hot men, shorts, sun; I think this one is fairly self-explanatory.
  3. Rugby Sevens, see above.
  4. US Women’s football (soccer). The US women’s team is rather spectacular; it’s almost criminal how their pay doesn’t adequately represent how amazing they are as compared to the men’s team which didn’t even qualify.
  5. The overly emotional ads on the telly. Is it just me? I swear every Olympics, the advertisements make me all weepy.

Are you watching the Rio Olympics? What’s your favourite event so far?