PlotI find plausibility important to me when I’m writing.  I know there are paranormal elements to the stories I write.  But I still want my readers to feel as if the characters could be walking the streets of London right this moment.

It was one of the reasons why I edited Ivy heavily before I finally thought the book was ready to be published.  I’ve read so many books in the past few years where I constantly felt like yelling at the book ‘people don’t do that.’ or ‘people don’t behave like that.’  I wanted to write a book where if I read it, I wouldn’t be arguing with it. =)

A prime example of this is when Ivy discovers her two men are shifters.  She’d handled so many things with almost a stoic ‘fine I’ll deal with it’ attitude.  I couldn’t really believe she’d run screaming from two men turning into wolves.  So I went for subtle.  It felt right for her.

What do you find yourself yelling at books over?