Excerpt: The Royal Marine

They traded stories over their simple pasta dinner. Akash half expected the man to make a move—or to make one himself—but the evening had been too easy, too comfortable for it; they’d simply enjoyed the shared meal.

A sharp contrast to what Akash imagined a first date with Scottie might entail. The former rugby player had texted him four times since the night he’d stopped by uninvited, having stolen his number out of BC’s phone. The persistence concerned him; he had no interest in having his life turned upside down by a stalker.

Making a mental note to apologise to his sisters for not taking their complaints about similar behaviour from other men more seriously, Akash had sent a text of his own earlier to Tens and Caddock. He knew them the best out of the rugby players involved with the Sin Bin. They’d sort out their mate, or he’d do it for them.

“Thanks for the tea.” Akash gestured toward the tin sitting on the nearby shelf. “Do you know how bloody hard it is to get that particular type of tea? It’s perfect for making biscuits.”

“Right.” Hamish was staring at him. He nodded absently, but didn’t actually appear to have heard him.

“Something wrong?”

Standing abruptly, Hamish strode around the table to grab Akash by the shirt. He dragged him up out of his chair, causing him to stumble forward. Akash could only blink at the slightly taller man in confusion, until those wonderfully rough fingers dug into his hair and yanked him up into a kiss.

Akash surrendered to it briefly before bringing his arm up to separate their lips—and bodies—when Hamish’s fingers drifted down the front of his shirt. “We’re not doing this in my kitchen. Not yet. Well, not in the bakery kitchen, ever. Health inspectors would have a fit.”

Hamish brushed his knuckles across the bulge in Akash’s trousers. “Later, then?”

“Later when we’re somewhere else and there aren’t two nosy brats peeking through the door.” Akash pointed toward the barely visible twins, who were once again eavesdropping on them. “Off with you both. I left you dinner on the table upstairs.”

While the rest of the meal went well, the passionate moment had definitely passed them by. Hamish stayed for another hour, helping to wash up the dishes. They exchanged several heated kisses, until Akash had to quite literally shove the man out the door.

He sank back against the frame of the still open door to catch his breath after seeing Hamish off. “Well, bugger me.”


Review: The Royal Marine

Another great entry in this wonderful series. The MC’s aren’t rugby players but they are good friends with the men from prior stories and their significant others. Akash and Hamish are the kind of characters I’ve come to expect from the author. They’re adults, there’s an age gap and while the Hamish is quite dominant and protective, never treats Akash as anything but an independent, capable adult. There is a touch of suspense around Akash’s business being targeted and danger for Hamish going on protective details that last for months. The romance is always rather low-key but not pushed to the background either. The narrative feels natural and realistic and I also enjoy the diverse backgrounds and family dynamics the author adds to the mix. I find the style of writing refreshing and anticipate reading more from Dahlia Donovan.4.5 Stars, Nrevvy on Amazon

Review: The Royal Marine

“By the end of the book, I was giddy and so glad to have had the opportunity to fall for these two men. I’m rating this at four solid stars and recommend reading the entire series.  You’re in for a treat!” ~ Four Stars from Cat Clontz at Divine Magazine

Review: Noah


My hubby and I have been wanting to see Noah for quite a while.  We both really enjoy watching Russell Crowe, though likely for different reasons. =)

Here’s the thing about Noah.

The acting was spectacular.  They did a great job in casting, and the actors did their job.  They played the hell out of their roles.  The only place casting fell down was in a distinct like of diversity amongst the characters, even the extras.

The effects were amazing.

The location was well selected, the set well done.

It was the story where everything fell apart for me.  I’ve no intention in debating religion with anyone.   But for the sake of my review, we all know the story of Noah and the flood, or we’ve at least heard of it or can google it, right?  So where I felt annoyed was the over-dramatization of an already dramatic story.  The story has plenty of drama in and of it self, whether you believe it to be true or not.  It’s an interesting tale.

So why add unnecessary plot twists and devices?  In the end, it made what could’ve been a fascinating movie, over-done to the point where my hubby and I were laughing when we shouldn’t have been.

I will say that Emma Watson was phenomenal in her role.  She did a brilliant job.

I just thought the writers and director added grit and filled ‘plot-holes’ that weren’t actually there.  *shrugs* It left me feeling like I’d wasted two hours of my life.  Where last week I, Frankenstein was too short, this was too long. They could’ve cut some unnecessary parts of the plot and it would’ve been just as interesting.

Everyone has a type.

It’s true.  Just about everyone has a type, male or female.

I definitely have a type.

– older.

– military bearing

– a commanding & confident presence(which goes with the above).

– salt & pepper hair, close cropped.

– facial hair of some sort, preferably a five o’clock shadow like this:


I recently read a book where the hero definitely hit all of those points.  It’s the Admiral’s Bride by Suzanne Brockmann.  Be still my heart.  The Admiral was a sexy, sexy man. Highly recommend if you enjoy a smart, strong heroine.