Book Review: At War With A Broken Heart

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This book covered a whole range of emotions and every character had depth no matter how awful they were.
I loved this story, it has everything I love in a good romance. The three lead characters are written with care and realism.
This is a book you hate to finish; a book you will read again.

5 Stars, S. Hannon, Amazon

Review: Forged in Flood.

This was amazing.. it was heartwarming and heartbreaking.. it was fast paced and amazing.. it was sweet and sad. it had sso many conflicting emotions and was so moving.. i loved it so much…plus so many times i laughed and smiled. it was wonderful.” 5 Stars, Kaila, Goodreads

Book Review: One Last Heist

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This is a terrific book. Wonderful characters written with feeling and understanding, an absorbing plot, enough angst to make it interesting. I love this author and this may be my favorite of her books.

5 Stars from Amazon Customer

Excerpt: The Botanist


Are you serious about this leaving shit?” Trace sat across from him at one of their favourite bars in Coronado—McP’s Irish Pub. “I thought you’d be in until you hobbled out with no hair or teeth, clinging to your walking frame.”

“They pay you by the joke?” Wyatt flicked one of his onion rings across the table at him. “I’m done—nothing left for me to accomplish.”

“Weak sauce. Utter fucking weak sauce.” Trace leaned forward with his elbows on the table. “It’s the gay thing, isn’t it?”

Wyatt didn’t even blink in response. He waved the bartender over for another round of Guinness; Hamish had gotten all of the SEALs hooked on it. “What gay thing?”

“The fucked up policy that says you can’t serve if you’re open about who you are.” Trace pushed the plate of nachos to the side. “None of us give a shit who you fuck—or who you love.”

Wyatt knew the men under his command respected him, thought of him as a friend. SEAL teams were almost always tight-knit units. They only had each other to count on in the middle of treacherous missions. “None of you?”

“None of our element.”

Review: The Botanist

A story filled with lots of emotion, heart, and tenderness. Wyatt just knew that slow and easy was the only way he could go to in order to aid Aled in his survival from the traumatic and horrific events that he had endured. Wyatt was totally on board with his desires & instincts to help Aled succeed; a very satisfying story in this series. After all he was a former Seal and success was all that he knew.

5 Stars, Amazon Reader