Review: Noah


My hubby and I have been wanting to see Noah for quite a while.  We both really enjoy watching Russell Crowe, though likely for different reasons. =)

Here’s the thing about Noah.

The acting was spectacular.  They did a great job in casting, and the actors did their job.  They played the hell out of their roles.  The only place casting fell down was in a distinct like of diversity amongst the characters, even the extras.

The effects were amazing.

The location was well selected, the set well done.

It was the story where everything fell apart for me.  I’ve no intention in debating religion with anyone.   But for the sake of my review, we all know the story of Noah and the flood, or we’ve at least heard of it or can google it, right?  So where I felt annoyed was the over-dramatization of an already dramatic story.  The story has plenty of drama in and of it self, whether you believe it to be true or not.  It’s an interesting tale.

So why add unnecessary plot twists and devices?  In the end, it made what could’ve been a fascinating movie, over-done to the point where my hubby and I were laughing when we shouldn’t have been.

I will say that Emma Watson was phenomenal in her role.  She did a brilliant job.

I just thought the writers and director added grit and filled ‘plot-holes’ that weren’t actually there.  *shrugs* It left me feeling like I’d wasted two hours of my life.  Where last week I, Frankenstein was too short, this was too long. They could’ve cut some unnecessary parts of the plot and it would’ve been just as interesting.