A Prayer for the Lost.

Or, as I like to call it, National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo) fever strikes again.

I’ve taken part in NaNoWriMo for several years. The insane task of writing a 50k novel in 30 days calls to me like a siren. I’ve won it all but one of the times I’ve taken part. You definitely run the risk of completely losing your mind when you try it.

I’ll also admit that not every author works well under the pressure of it.  I certainly couldn’t do it every month–once a year is more than enough. All my other novels have taken anywhere from two to six months to write.

So, in honour of the impending doom, here’s a prayer for the battered muses of all who suffer through November madness.

Dear Goddess of NaNoWriMo,

May you keep our pens moving, our coffee cups full, and our ideas flowing.

Keep our foreheads safe from hard surfaces.

Allow our commas to wind up in the correct places.

May they’re, their, and there cease to torment us.

May our loved ones not give up on us.

Help our word counts to grow.

And when the clock strikes midnight on November 30th–let our novels have hit at least 50,000 words.

Ever yours,

Your thankful and fearful novelist. 

Are you taking part in NaNo this year? Have you plotted out your ideas or are you pantsing it? I’m going for a mix of pantsing and plotting. I wish you all luck.


*I may have played a little too much Assassin’s Creed: Origins this weekend and gotten a bit caught up in the prayers to Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. lol

Emotional Masochism.

I have a confession.  I am an emotional masochist. I search out videos on Youtube that I know will have me sobbing at my desk.


This is a true story.

Videos of soldiers coming home to their kids…or dogs…or mailman? I’ve seen them.

People hearing or seeing for the first time? Sign me up.

Anything guaranteed to make me weepy and I’m in. Yesterday, I was watching a real estate ad on TV, and I got teary eyed.  So sad. So true.

How about you? Do emotional videos, stories, and ads make you weepy?

Ten Things…


Ten things I’ve learned from watching Engineering Disaster shows with my husband:

  1. We’re all going to die.
  2. Flying is dangerous.
  3. Trains are also dangerous.
  4. Ships are also dangerous.
  5. Everything is dangerous.
  6. People say the most absurd things when they are in shock.
  7. Natural goes likes to go boom.
  8. Never live near a massive factory.
  9. Avoid everything mechanical.
  10. Live in a cave. Seriously, a remote cave that is far away from people.

Or, stop watching crazy disaster shows? Maybe.

An Ode to My Ear


Dear Ear,

I understand and greatly respect the work that you do for me.

Without you, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy The Piano Guys on full blast while I’m working.  Or enjoying the rich baritones of some of my favourite actors in their movies.  In other words, I couldn’t live life as fully as I do without you.

That wonderful bit out of the way.

Could you bugger off with the ear aches?  I am driven to distraction by them.  I am not amused.



Clothes Make The Woman.

Clothing actually isn’t all that important to Ivy. It’s super important to her best friend, Alicia, who studied fashion design and trending, and works as a stylist.  Alicia uses Ivy as her…dress-up doll, which means free or very cheap designer clothes for Ivy so she doesn’t complain.


Ivy prefers to dress like this, it makes for easier photography:

tumblr_mw0pb5w7wp1so4whjo1_500 Alicia prefers to dress her up like this, and often does:

tumblr_mw4o2bSkDe1so4whjo1_500tumblr_mvx6qhjSg81so4whjo1_500I don’t think Ivy complains, all that much, to be honest. =)