All Tied Up

NatashaFullCover600  Natasha’s top ten Shibari tips for newbies:

1. Always be sure your partner is interested in experimenting.

2. Always ensure the rope isn’t constricting blood flow.  Rope should never be tight enough to interfere with circulation.  You should always watch skin color and for any signs of discomfort in your partner.

3. Pick a rope which is wider, and be sure to take good care of it.  Hemp is a really great choice.

4. NEVER start with suspension.  Suspension is something you should try when you’ve mastered a variety of knots and ties. Don’t start there.

5. Until you’re comfortable with shibari, make sure to wrap the rope in more loops than you’d normally use as opposed to simply tying knots.

6. Listen to your partner.

7. Don’t attempt things you don’t understand.  Start simple, not complex.

8. Keep scissors handy to cut through the rope if necessary.

9. It doesn’t matter which way you whip the ends of your rope as long as they don’t unravel.

10. SAFETY first.  Never leave your partner unattended while tied up.

And lastly, educate yourself BEFORE you delve into rope tying.