The Sin Bin


A new upcoming m/m series from Dahlia Donovan slated for release starting in 2017.

Welcome to the Sin Bin*.

For years, these rugby players have fought side by side, or often against one another on the pitch until their beloved game abandoned them to the sin bin permanently. What happens to those gloried for performances on the field once they’re no longer able to play? Follow Boyce, Tens, and other former rugby men as they struggle through figuring out life post rugby.

Can they find themselves?

Will they find love?


1. The Wanderer 

2. The Caretaker

3. The Botanist (short story)

4. The Royal Marine

(series will feature characters from both After the Scrum and All Lathered Up.)

See the Cornwall Novels FAQ for more information.

*The Sin Bin is the penalty box in rugby where referees send players for several minutes for fouls committed on the pitch.